Dance is universal and in it’s most basic form is amazing to watch. It’s the hidden language of the soul of the body, it means so many things to so many people. Some see it as a hobby, others as a means of livelihood and in some individuals it’s a supreme form of art. Often times dancing is associated with music.

Here are a few health benefits associated with it.

Great form of recreation. Attending dancing classes and participating in competitions helps boost your confidence level and is a good avenue for socializing. Dance can also help you develop you memory as you have to remember several dance patterns, it can help build a retentive memory.

Improves balance and posture. Dancing can also help in losing weight. Dance is a wonderful form of exercise and is as helpful as other aerobic exercises like jumping, running, and cycling. Thus helping you to balance your body just right and maintain great posture which is major cause of joint pain.

People that dance often have flexible bodies. This flexibility helps reduce body stiffness and keeps the joints and muscles healthy.

Dance helps keep the body active: For people of all age and sizes, it also serves as a form of exercise, vitalizing the body and keeping you active. Dancing regularly also helps you gain more body balance as you age.

Has the ability to chase depression: Dancing especially when done from your heart and of your own free will and not because you were compelled to has a psychological effect and it aids in diminishing  depression and can greatly relieve one’s stress level as it increase our endorphin levels.

With benefits like this, it’s time for you for you to bust a move.

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