Godwin Tom: CEO of ImanageAfrica is on a mission to raise BOIs!

Godwin Tom, CEO of iManage Africa and The Godwin Tom Company is on a mission find #BagsOfIdeas…

The message is very straightforward…

Ensure that young people are empowered and encouraged to bring solutions to the table.

We must, however, start from somewhere…

“Cutting the grass at school should not be seen a punishment… We must teach the kids that it is a duty. If the grass is high, we should cut it. If the compound is dirty, we clean it. That mindset will affect how they choose to deal with things in life. That solution-minded approach and mindset is what we want to teach these kids”

– Godwin Tom

The Bag of Ideas Campaign is a platform created by music business consultant, Godwin Tom to develop social activities aimed at grooming solution-minded young people.

“We are teaching young people about the importance of being a part of the solution. The aim is to groom young people who grow up with a mindset of solving problems and ultimately becoming more useful to their society!”

-Godwin Tom

Godwin Tom started this campaign last year during his Music Business Series tour across the country. Though there has not been a lot of news about the campaign, Godwin Tom is focused on seeing this project to its fruition.

This year, BOIs (Bag Of Ideas) Africa recently partnered with Game Changers, an initiative set up by an enthusiastic and solution driven Segun Samuel.

BOIs Africa will visit schools across the country, starting with Lagos State. For each school visited, BOIs will work with the students and the school authority to collectively solve a problem. BOIs will work closely with the students to teach them how to identify problems and then how to strategically find solutions. The goal is to teach young people the importance of being a part of the solution in school, at home and in their society.

“We understand that this is not a one-off project and we are ready for the challenge. The kids deserve consistency too”

– Godwin Tom

The Campaign has already started with Godwin Tom and the BOIs team visiting summer schools and teenage gatherings. So far, the BOIs Africa team has met with over 700 young people.

The BOIs campaign activations begin fully in January 2019.

Visit www.boisafrica.org for more updates and register to volunteer or support the initiative.

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