Ghana Features: Latest Wendy Shay Songs, 2019

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay is recognized as a highly promising and talented artist in the Ghanaian music industry. Wendy Shay is living proof that if you have a passion for something, sooner or later you will achieve success in that. Though a nurse by profession, the young icon had nurtured her passion for singing since her childhood. She boldly made a decision to follow her passion and went on to release her maiden song ‘Uber Driver’ followed by the song ‘Bedroom Commando’ in association with RuffTown Records in 2018. The artist has continued to be involved in intense controversies on account of her similarities with the late Ebony Reigns and the fact that she had been launched by the same production house after the sudden demise of Ebony Reigns.

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

Latest Wendy Shay songs 2019

Right now Wendy Shay has only two songs to her credit, she is already being termed as the next big icon in Africa. She already has a huge base of fans. Her audience has high expectations for the songstress. Her love and passion for music and her sheer talent seem to be the reasons behind her newfound success as a music artist. Here we present a list of all the Wendy Shay songs released till date.

  1. Uber Driver- Wendy Shay

The Wendy Shay uber driver song is the debut song of Wendy Shay. The became an instant hit after its release and is currently enjoying huge airplay in Ghana as well as in other countries. As per the information released by RuffTown Records, the music video of ‘Uber Driver’ hit 1 million views on the official channel of RuffTown Records/ Midas Touch Inc. on YouTube within 24 hours after it was officially launched. The song was written by a well-known entity in the African music industry – Ricky Nana Agyeman, professionally known as Bullet. The instant popularity of the song can be accredited to the attention-catching lyrics and the attractive tune which seems highly appealing to the music enthusiasts.

  1. Bedroom Commando –Wendy Shay

‘Bedroom Commando’ is the second music video of Wendy Shay after ‘Uber Driver’. This music video was produced by MOG Beatz like her debut one. The music video for the song was directed by Yaw Skyface. The Wendy Shay Bedroom Commando song takes the audiences behind the closed doors. It provides the viewers with an inkling of a budding love story mixed with some twists and fallbacks. At the end of the video, it is shown that love prevails. The beautiful love story told through the Wendy Shay new track makes perfect sense. This storyline combined with the groovy instrumentation and the appealing tunes has made this Wendy Shay latest song the right one for topping the charts.

Wendy Shay pe hwe

Wendy Shay has mentioned that the song ‘Uber Driver’ was selected by Bullet to be the first song of Wendy Shay for a reason. This reason was to commemorate the late Ebony Reigns with whim Wendy Shay is often being compared. She has also disclosed that the specific line in the song ‘Uber Driver’ with the lyrics ‘pe hwe’ was included for the purpose for reminding the Ghanaian music audiences of the ‘Maame Hwe‘ songs of Ebony Reigns. The revelation has been a surprise for the people who interpreted the song ’Uber Driver’ using different meanings.

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