Freaky Things I Find Really Cool During S3x

freaky things during s3x
freaky things during s3x

Foreplay usually do not get enough credit, time or attention but it is where all the fun is hidden. Diving straight into the business of s3x is the most boring thing you can think of doing.

Foreplay is the real deal, spend as much time as you can, dedicated to just teasing your partner, it only makes s3x better with every minute of pleasure that passes.

When we talk freaky, we mean real freaky, take it too another level, leave your comfort zone. make your partner remember the pleasure hours or even days after and even trying s3x, try to do some extra tricks to spice things up. There are a few freaky things I find during cool, I’ll share with you below. Try them, try some more stuff of your own and end the days of boring s3x.

freaky things during s3x
freaky things during s3x

Spank that ass real hard

A lot of people think spanking a girl during s3x is disrespectful, while others think girls do not like it. Listen to me, spanking a girl during s3x is really cool, you just need to know when to do it. Timing matters, you don’t get into s3x and start spanking her, you only start to spank her when the s3x is becoming intense. Try making it harder as the tension increases. It sends some kind of sensation up the girl’s spine and it only makes s3x more arousing and interesting.

Choke your partner just right and bite their back

Choking a girl during s3x id not enough, some choke too hard, making the girl fight for breath but that is wrong. Try not to chock her too hard and bite while choking her, preferably from behind. It forces her to arch her back even more and moan out of pure pleasure and yeah, It tends to leave some love marks.

Blindfold your partner

Surprising your partner is fun. Blindfold him/her and make them wonder what you have stored for them. Make them anticipate your moves, whisper to them but do not say exactly what you intend to do. Rather, show them, do stuff to them that makes them gasp in pleasure. It never goes wrong, instead makes s3x a whole lot better

Bite the nipples

This is my personal favourite. Works for both guys and girls. There is this deep sensation it gives. It can’t be rightly explained, you’ll need to try it to understand. It gives a slightly sharp sweet pain, your partner would beg for more. Trust me, this is the move to try.

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