Forehead kisses…almost every girl likes to receive this, from family and especially “bae”. To some, it’s just lips against a forehead but to others, it has multiple meanings. What does it mean when a guy (bestie, friend zone buddy, or just a regular guy) kisses your forehead? Could it be that he is into you or just in it for the physical bits? Here are a couple different meanings to forehead kissing.

1. He is taller than you: Most tall guys love short girls for their looks but mostly for their height. It could be that he is just constantly reminding you how tall he is so by kissing your forehead he rubs his height in your face.

2. Affection: Perhaps “baba” has caught feelings for you and really sucks at expressing himself. Kisses on the forehead could be his way of showing his attachment and devotion to you. It could also show that he is protective of you but not in a creepy way though.

3. He just likes it: Some ladies have really projected foreheads, which is kind of cute depending on the guy, I guess. With your forehead, you basically walking around with a poster that says “kiss my forehead”. Besides if he doesn’t have bad breath it’s always nice to get some lip action on your forehead.

4. He respects you: Do you know that in a round about way, forehead kisses show that he respects you? Not just for your physical attributes, but for your thought process, your actions and so on. Basically, it shows it’s not just about s3x; more of respect and care than lust.

It may seem confusing when it’s happening, so when in doubt, just ask instead of assuming the worst out of us. There are still some good guys left in the world.

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