Demmie Vee : A Flyboy’s Unfathomable Love For Music

Demmie Vee
Demmie Vee

Demmie Vee, the first artiste signed to Flyboy Inc, spoke with in an interview where he lets us in on his musical career.

Just as the interview was about to start, Demmie being all humble, sat at the corner of the couch. He looked like he wasn’t sure of how to sit, probably not to vex anyone. I found that really cute but had to make him relax, so with a smile on my face I went, “you can sit however you want, feel at home, just be comfortable” and he couldn’t help but laugh. I achieved my aim though, he relaxed.

So getting into the business of the day, Demmie Vee told us about music, what influenced his love for the act, the stages he has gone through in his career, his love for Flyboy, relationship with Kizz Daniel and how he can literally fall sick if he doesn’t record for three days.

He says…

“I can literally fall sick if I don’t record for three days. I am that weird. In my bedroom, anywhere I am, there is always a means for me to record”

Demmie Vee
Demmie Vee

Demmie Vee, how did you come up with the name?

I got Demmie from my name Demola and the Vee stands for voice, so it is more like Demmie Voice but since I couldn’t put it that way, I shortened it.

Let’s talk music, before fly boy records, what was music like? You were signed to HND records, right?

I can’t say it was easy because it wasn’t, HND records {Hope Never Dies} is more like a family movement. It was not really a record label so it was kind of difficult because the industry was choked up at the time. Before HND, it’s like going through stages in life, I’d say I am at stage 3 of my career, HND was stage 2 and before HND was stage 1, it was really tough then.

How did music start for you, did something or someone influence your love for the art?

Yeah, my environment, my family and my story influenced my love for music.

How did it make you feel, being the first signed act to the record?

I’ve always seen myself as part of the family from day one because Kizz has always been there, supporting me since I started with HND and he opened some doors for me. I feel fulfilled being part of the family, it’s like a dream come true.

You’ve had quite a number of known works, from working with 2Baba and 9ice. How would you answer the question of “do you still need a label”?

It is tough to be alone, so I think being in a record label makes things easier for an artiste, the management and all take care of the major issues and Flyboy Inc has taken care of that already. I feel like being under a record label is the best thing for me to do now because being an independent artiste is really tough.

Demmie Vee
Demmie Vee

Do you think there will be a conflict of interest since the brand Kizz Daniel is also trying to stand independently now?

The sky is big enough for birds to fly so I don’t think we should have issues. Like I said earlier, we are like family, he’s like an elder brother to me so I pray there is no conflict of interest later in the future.

If you had to pick between your arts; doing music, writing music and producing music. Which would you pick and why?

I’ll pick “doing music”, I love to sing.

How would you describe your sound?

I’ll call my sound motivational, for those who understand my story. My music is inspiring, it preaches hope to the ghetto youths.

If you had to stop doing music completely today, whether creating or performing, what would you do?

I don’t think that should be part of the question because I can’t stop doing music. #laughs. I don’t see myself doing anything now if not music. I can literally fall sick if I don’t record for three days. I am that weird, in my bedroom, anywhere I am, there is always a means for me to record because there is always something to tell and the only way I can express myself is through music. Sitting here and talking, I’m not expressing myself like I want to. When you listen to my songs, you’ll know the kind of person I am. So I can’t see myself doing something else because music is the only way I express myself.

What is your favourite part of being an artist?

My favourite part of being an artiste is the fact that I’m doing what I love, it gives me joy. I can’t imagine myself doing something else, I’ll never be happy. So being an artiste gives me joy.

If you had to change 3 things in the entertainment industry, what would it be?

Let’s leave it the way it is because it’s been like that since before we got there. For someone like me saying I want to change things when people like Wizkid and Davido are there, I don’t think I even have an idea of what’s going on here because to me I’m just starting. So let’s just leave it like that. Probably when I get to that stage, we can talk about change.

Your favourite producers?

I can work with any producer as long as you make good beats, my favourite, though, are DJ Coublon, Eazy black and Philkeyz.

{1} One artist you’ll give anything to work with?

I’ll give anything to work with Femi Kuti, I am a fan of his music and I feel like I could do something good with him. Femi Kuti, Brymo or Asa. Either of them, I love their sounds.

New projects?

We are dropping a new song titled “shey you go wait” ft Kizz Daniel, go check it out and judge for yourself. After that, more videos, more good songs will be coming from Flyboy and Demmie Vee and I’ll be on a song on Kizz’s album titled “Somebody Dey” so, watch out.

Demmie Vee
Demmie Vee


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