First Thoughts on these 6 fresh December 2017 releases

The month of December has a funny way of conditioning the music climate of the following year. It is barely the second day of the month and entries are rolling in en masse; thanks to Kiss Daniel, Efe, Iceprince, MI, Olamide, Dice Ailes, Ycee, Mayorkun and Uriel. Scroll down to be among the first to catch up on these spanking new jams, after I tell you how to feel about it of course. Lmao.

Kiss Daniel: No Do

Kiss Daniel
Kiss Daniel Out With New Single Titled “No Do”

This is a very important song for Kiss Daniel seeing as it is his debut since he threw his deuces at G-Worldwide. Yeba is still super potent but this one will appeal to niche listeners who love it when Kiss sings of morals, values and motivation. I like it as his first Fly Boy InC offering because this does not see him trying hard to make a by-force banger after G world wide to prove that he will fare just fine. Also, the song is not in the least way below par.

Click to listen to No Do By Kiss Daniel

Efe Featuring Olamide: Warri

Efe & Olamide Collaborate In New Single Titled “Warri”

Very interesting beat. Young John outchea sh*tting on y’all. Olamide is rumpelstiltskin with the hook. This is a confirmed jam. Efe’s rapping skills will get better by God’s grace but the initiative to do a Warri anthem with the help of Olamide is commendable. Unlike the proud Lagos populace, South South peeps are patriotic to the bone so in case this song goes viral in Warri, don’t say I did not mention it.

Click to listen to Warri by Efe ft Olamide

Mi featuring Dice Ailes: Your Father

M.I Abaga
M.I Abaga Enlists Dice Ailes In New Record Titled “Your Father”

Chatting with the mentor some days back, I shared that it is either hiphop has a bad destiny in Nigeria or we haven’t found a working formula for it yet because the damn genre has refused to tension the mainstream. Anyway This jam from MI featuring the zesty Dice Ailes is quite tasty.
If you ever slept on Dice, wake tf up. The kid is not playing with anybody’s mother and father. Whether he’s lost in his “Ella” melody or sing rapping on Otedola or hopscotching on this tangy rap tune, he remains believable in all capacities. MI is still reminding us of how he’s Nigeria’s fave rap daddy. No “omfg did you hear that bar!” type of lines over here but humour, word play and very relatable metaphors abound. I’d be a little amazed if this becomes a chart ripper but hey it’s the Chairman and Dice so it will definitely get enouuugh media love.
This is an aside but I think Choc City is throwing full weight behind Dice. That’s the only explanation for the type of arrogance dripping from the voice of such a sweet faced guy lol.

Click to listen to Your Father by Mi ft Dice Ailes

Ice Prince: Replay

Ice Prince
Ice Prince Back With Mastekraft Produced “Replay”

I like the vibe of Masterkraft’s production on Replay. I will dwell more on the fact that there is likely to be a resurgence of Iceprince in 2018, than I will dwell on this song. It’s not very spectacular and I have definitely heard better jams from Ice. You can definitely hear the soft spot I have for him but, I prayerfully foresee an Ice revolution.

Click to listen to Replay by Ice Prince

Tinny Mafia featuring Ycee and Mayorkun: Komije Remix

Tinny Mafia Features Ycee & Mayorkun In Remix Of “Komije”

Komije seems to me like it is giving off Link Up vibes. That song was quite decent but it did not get the reception I expected. Anyway, Mayorkun on this remix might give this one some further reach but it might not be the most groundbreaking strategy for 2017.

Click to listen to Komije Remix by Tinny Mafia ft Ycee and Mayorkun

Uriel: Desire

Uriel Premieres New Record, “Desire”

I hope and pray this Kinky AfroHouse treat that Uriel dropped on us gets the attention it deserves. It is a very decent cut and I am legit smiling fro ear to ear as I type this because the producer-Benie Macaulay is my friend and you know I famz for a living. The jam is not complicated at all but it’s funky simplicity seems very well thought out.

Click here to listen to Desire by Uriel


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