Fashion Diary: The Curious Case Of The Eclectic Dresser

If you’re a fashion forward individual then there are some style ideas that might not seem popular but are majorly where your style train veers to. ‘Nonconformist’ is a word that quickly comes to mind when eclectic fashion is mentioned.

Fashion is a self-expressive art form, and there’s nothing wrong if your dressing is eclectic and bold. However, confidence is a huge factor if you want to pull it off.

Eclectic style majorly describes the combination of many different individual elements of styles, themes, mediums or inspirations pooled from many sources. Basically, if you’re a person that likes to dress-up, match variants of prints, colour-block and don uncommon and stylish accessories, then you can rightly be said to have an eclectic sense of style.

From the guy that rocks 5 rings to a guy that cannot do without his bola hat, to a lady with a nose ring, to you that would rather rock sneakers on a locally printed material, the style is broad and flexible.As an eclectic fashionista, you aren’t afraid of bold and loud prints/colour combinations. Unconventional designs are a major preference because of your inherent need to showcase your creativity and make a strong fashion statement.

For you, fashion is majorly about how you feel and what you like and of course what you like is majorly uncommon fashion items and pairing all that prints and colours plus accessories might look too much on an average fashionista but for you, your packaging looks cool and suave. 

You like to combine different styles in one, and often use unusual prints and color combinations, thus adding just a hint or plenty hints of drama. This style nature is sometimes referred to as bohemian/hipster/indie and quirky cool. 

From Retro prints, ethnic-inspired details, It’s a little bit of everything. A Creative Clothing Personality makes you seem trendy and in vogue. Printed clothing, Aztec designs, unconventional looking shoes/sandals, printed and funny shaped bags, quirky detailing, vintage-inspired accessories, bold colored footwear, layers of jewelry, graphic t-shirts, hats, leopard-anything is a signal of your eclectisim.

For the fashionistas grappling with the idea of having an eclectic sense of style, the idea is to start small, search for your basic wardrobe pieces that previously didn’t seem like they would match; leather jacket paired on that Ankara printed trouser to jeans and vintage shirts with a swanky looking glasses. You can even wear different types of prints together, like stripes and graphics. As long as they have similar color elements, they’ll rhyme.

Instead of pairing different mixed patterns you can try one block color and that print, so as to have a polished look to your mixed-patterned outfit.

  • Shorts: Although this might seem quite normal now, it was unusual for men to rock shorts. Especially bright colored ones paired with an equally strange colored shoe.

  • Hair/accessories: This is a huge pointer to one very bold eclectic dresser. Be it afro, punk, bleached hair, all these things are huge characteristics of a un-conventional dresser.

I’m such a huge sucker for guys that define their own personal style and are not limited by some conventional silent/vocal fashion rule. It screams a strong sense of individualism apart from the obvious sense of style that’s attributed to it. As little as wearing brightly colored socks to combining your outfit with accessories that somewhat look out of place. Every attribute and detail is more attractive than the ordinary style.

And No; being an eclectic dresser as a man doesn’t mean you’re gay. Be Individualistic, creative and unconventional in your lifestyle choices especially in the way you dress because the way you look does affect your confidence.




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