There have been many myths surrounding weight loss and fitness, hence so many things people do in a bid to keep fit or lose weight are merely perceptions and aren’t true. So, someone tells another person what has worked for him/her and then the person simply adopts it as universal truth and then tries in on themselves: sometimes they work, some other times they don’t and then this may even be harmful to the individual.

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  • If you aren’t sweating, then you aren’t working hard enough: This is one funny one. Sweating is one way of showing that the workout is having it’s desired effect- burning calories. However, contrary to this myth, it’s very possible to burn a significant number of calories without sweating. So it’s not by who sweat pass, do your work out religiously and see the effects on your body.
  • Swimming helps greatly in weight loss: Well, except you would be swimming several hours a day, the weight loss is not much because the buoyancy of the water helps in the movement so your body doesn’t do as much work.
  • Exercising on machines gives the assurance that you are doing it right: Working out on machines do not necessarily mean that your movements or positioning are automatically right. It would be automatically aligned only if it was customized for your weight and height.
  • Yoga isn’t a “real” workout: People who write off yoga probably have an image of yoga as series of gentle stretches—they clearly haven’t taken a tough yoga class. While there are some blissfully relaxing yoga classes out there, tougher types (like Bikram and power Vinyasa yoga) can definitely leave you sweaty, sore, and satisfied.
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