Exclusive Interview: Flavour Speaks On New Single And International Collaborations

Flavour x Diamond Platnumz
Flavour x Diamond Platnumz
In an exclusive interview hosted by Emmanuel Oscar with Flavour on his recent “time to party” collaboration with Diamond Platnumz, set up by CeeBenji (Flavour’s manager). Flavour talks about his experience collaborating with the East African singer and when asked about what inspired his desire to collaborate with Diamond, he said…

“Diamond and I have worked together before. We have a natural work chemistry, which makes our collaborations a smooth and enjoyable process”.

He furthermore talked about his latest summer jam, African music and his appreciation for different genres.
How have your many collaborations played a role in the success of your recent tour in Europe?
Collaborations are always great in music when they work well, and I’m fortunate enough to have worked with an array of talented artists.
My recent tour in Europe was focused on my fifth studio album, “Ijele – The Traveler.”
How eager was Diamond to work on this project?
We have a great working relationship, so I’d say the both of us are equally enthusiastic when it comes to working together.
Flavour x Diamond Platnumz
Flavour x Diamond Platnumz
The video is a wonderful burst of colour, going forward to defend your position as a style icon. What were you and 2MG trying to achieve with this video?
When it comes to style and flair in my videos, I work alongside the given video director and team in being involved in the creative process, from the initial treatment to shooting on set.
My aim is to be as unique and creative as possible in the production of my videos.
What did you learn about Bongo Flava while working with Diamond Platinumz?
I appreciate the different genres within African music and love to infuse such genres and sounds with my own style.
What inspired the title, #TimeToParty?
The inspiration for the song title is based on the summer season, which is literally a vacation season all around the world. A season for people to socialize, party and have as much fun as possible. In essence, summer is all about enjoyment and fun, hence the title.
What similarities can you draw between work with Sarkodie and Diamond Platinumz?
Every artist that I have had the opportunity to collaborate with have unique qualities and that is the best thing about collaborations. It is about different genres and styles mixed together. Sarkodie and Diamond are very talented artists with their individual unique qualities.
What was the vibe between both teams, during the making of the audio and video?
Both teams have worked together in the past and have a good working relationship, so it vibe was good.
Was Flavour able to teach Diamond a thing or two on HighLife?
We both learn from each other about our genres and styles of music, it’s all part of the fun in collaborations.
How important is it for the Western and Eastern Africa to collaborate more musically?
It’s important for all parts of Africa to collaborate as I believe that Africa is the musical hub of the world. There is so much raw talent here that the rest of the world should continuously be exposed to.
What trend do you think #TimeToParty may set or carry on?
Time to Party will carry on the trend of vibrant African dance, especially as we both always incorporate dance in our songs and videos. Just like music, dance is also innate to us.

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