Eminem Believes Many Young Rappers Need A Lesson In Hip-Hop

Critically acclaimed ‘best rapper alive,’ Eminem, has weighed in his two cents on the ever-trending debate of whether the new, young rappers are staying true to hip-hop, the true definition of hip-hop, and the growing disrespect for the pioneers who helped establish Hip Hop culture.

In an interview with French outlet Skyrock, the real Slim Shady explained why some of the new rappers need “a Hip Hop lesson.”

“As far as the new generation, I think some of the artists do [pay homage] and some of them probably don’t really care,” he said. “Me in particular, I’ve always been such a fan of rap, too. My heroes will always stay my heroes. And the people who, especially like, paved the road for someone like me, you know, I always pay homage to the ones who came before me because they made Hip Hop what it is today. They are responsible.

“Our Hip Hop forefathers are responsible for rap even [being] here,” he continued. “What I would say to somebody coming up who is young in the game and doesn’t really respect that, [they] should go back and probably listen, and get a Hip Hop lesson. It’s one of the things that I’m able to do by feeding off that old energy and the new energy that’s out right now, and able to try to intertwine those. I would suggest, just for the fun of it if anything, going back and listening to … if you have maybe heard of Rakim but you don’t know his music, go listen to Rakim.”

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