Efya: Creating a Legacy with Her Music, One Album at a Time

This interview was conducted and written by Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

Efya is not a stranger to success or the limelight. Whereas many of the Nigerian audience will remember her from Wizkid’s Daddy Yo or any of her other successful collaborations or records, Efya’s rise to prominence goes way beyond that.

From being paired with Irene Logan on a talent hunt to editing episodes of a popular Ghanaian travel show, “Greetings from Abroad”, which was Hosted by her Mother and Produced by Premiere Productions, a testament of Efya’s Family’s influence in the Ghanaian Media space. Efya has learnt to carry herself with the utmost grace, seeing that her mother is royal; Queenmother of one of Ghana’s traditional areas.

Now that you have more scoop on Efya’s background, let’s see what’s on the beautiful songstress’ mind. Efya spoke to Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh on behalf of Vibe.ng, few days to the releases of her latest offering, “Ankwadobi ft. Medikal” and was excited to open up on the collaboration with Christopher Martin, her relationship with Wizkid and her next album.

Besides being the Queen that has thrilled us from “Little things” to “Daddy Yo”, describe Efya?

Efya is an eclectic-soulful being, who is very free-spirited especially when it comes to her creativity. She has over the years been transcending from different scopes of herself and discovering different sides of herself. She has maintained consistency throughout the years that’s she’s been in the industry and is just now breaking more boundaries than she has ever before.

With streaming changing the way music is consumed, which country shocks you with how much of your music they consume?

My highest country is between Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa and in the USA and London. When I went to China and people were singing my music, that was definitely a surprise.

What are your 3 most streamed songs?

My 3 most streamed songs will definitely be “One of Your Own”, “Best in me” and “Mame”. I do have some collaboration with Sarkodie which have really big numbers. “Skin Tight” is also very high on the list. So maybe like 5 very highly streamed songs which have above 1M streams.

You have a wide discography, that covers many years. Which year do you think was your musical best? Why?

I’d think that my album Janesis (which has over a million streams on Spotify alone) would be one of the things I can boast about. It went worldwide, the music was different and it still entered places. I’m hoping my next album hits bigger numbers.

Your last album, Janesis has been very successful. Which song is the biggest success from that tape?

I would definitely say “One of Your Own” is one of the biggest songs on that tape. The song with Sarkodie is very huge. The song with E.L is also very huge too. In all, I think everyone took a little bit of it with them.

You and Wizkid have amazing Music Chemistry. How do your collaborations come together?

Wiz and I vibe a lot with natural settings. We’re probably just hanging in another country, just making music as usual. The words come with the flow and vibe. It’s always very natural with me and him. I really love working with him and I can’t wait for our next song to drop.

Walshy fire just blessed the world by putting you on the latest album. Tell us about the song?

Until the dawn is a very special song to me. I released it last two years.

Until the Dawn is a huge record. How do you think putting Chris Martin on the remix, will affect both your careers?

They heard it and they had been wanting to do a remix for a while. That’s something that was very exciting to me. Go check it out, if you haven’t heard it. It’s really helping open new doors for me, especially in the United States where I am right now. I’m very sure we’d do a show together, soon.

What’s one thing you hope everyone remembers about your next album?

One thing I always want people to remember about my music is that it’s forever. I want the music from my next album to be forever, so when I’m no longer here, people will still love it. I believe that as an artist you should be able to live in people’s hearts. That’s where the legacy would hold.

What do you want Nigeria, Africa and the World to anticipate from you next?

I believe I want the world to appreciate my difference. Even though sometimes I do afrobeat, there are a lot of genres that I am good at. I am now crafting what I want the sound to be and when I do finally craft that sound, I want the world to be open to the difference of that sound and also understand that it’d be new but it is something that would last forever. I am learning and I am developing and that’s great because, for me, growth is everything.

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