Duncan Mighty: What singer must do to turn domestic violence scandal around for good

Duncan Mighty and Wife-Vivien Nwakanwa Mighty

Duncan Mighty has been trending lately for his back to back hit features but the past few days saw the script flip into a full-blown scandal. The Obianuju crooner has just been heavily accused of brutalizing his wife Vivien Nwakanwa Mighty after a picture of her clearly injured face circulated the internet.

Vivien Nwakanwa Mighty


“Colleagues of Duncan Mighty’s wife, call him out over domestic violence.
Some classmates of Vivien Nwakanwa Mighty, the wife of Nigerian musician, Duncan Mighty, have released pictures of her battered face, after an alleged domestic violence incident on Saturday.
According to the friends who are furious with the singer, this isn’t the first case of abuse by the Duncan. The latest one was said to have happened, shortly, after the singer finished a video shoot with Davido, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Saturday.
The cause of the attack wasn’t stated, but a friend claimed Duncan flew down to Lagos, shortly after the attack and hasn’t shown any sign of remorse since.
He was said to have called Vivien, this morning, to tell her that she shouldn’t have shared the picture of her face with her friends, as it can dent his image.”

Duncan Mighty has since responded to the accusation with a highly interesting caption to a carousel of Instagram posts that show him in seemingly good terms with Vivien, his wife.

His caption is summarized to mean that the scandal is the handiwork of detractors who have photoshopped his wife’s face just to smear his name in mud.

THE NEXT NEWS WILL BE I USED MY WIFE FOR COMING BACK,, WHAT DO YOU GAIN TO TARNISH MY IMAGE WITH LIES THAT I BRUTALIZED MY OWN WIFE,? HEHEHE UNA COME LATE::::::::::::::My life n journey to get here wasn’t by DUNCANMIGHTY but by GOD last 2 weeks i met one of the ONOBELO,’S at the Harvest lekki he approached me and said my name is somethjng onobello I said u welcome he said he’s happy for my come back to the industry and that one thing that has kept me Unique is that I have no Scandals and he loves it like that immediately i laughed and said to him, Do you know I run a Construction company where I carry out professional civil engineering jobs too ? He was quite and I said to him pls sir I know the bellos are media top n Naija how can u guys help me PROJECT PORT HARCOURT he said anything bro we waiting for my TELEVISION STATION in 2016 I was made the YOUTH BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR FOCCIMA,, I PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE I called Using Sports to channel the mindset of our youths into meaningful leaving this same ONOBELO and instablog PUBLISHED on there page I went to beg Buhari for empowerment after the same Onobello and Instablog two weeks to my wedding in 2015 PUBLISHED another fake news that a lady was pregnant for me and yet am planning a royal wedding,,,, I no come Lagos to find Fame,,,,, For your information My Marriage is not one of those u people broke down n will never be… For your info I am the winner of my marriage my wife and kids can’t do without Daddy every moment,,,the pics u photoshoped is not my wife so the more u make people hate me the more they love me more pls don’t allow these fools make u forget we dropping one of the biggest TUNE of our time AZA DAVIDO DUNCANMIGHTY PERUZI …… I LOVE MA FANS

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While it is unfortunate that Duncan’s personal business is in the open and might not be any worse than the problems of a regular joe, we must also understand that invasion of privacy comes with being a celebrity.

As for Duncan Mighty’s claim to the picture being photoshopped, I beg to disagree. The picture above is a raw snapshot of a woman whose face received a decent pummeling. I ‘d rather believe that she fell off the stairs but since no part of Duncan’s story has it that this was an accident, the allegation remains the only believable story.

Even without being told, the recent happenings in Duncan Mighty’s life is definitely enough to cause a negatively heated moment between two partners.

Besides a heightened frequency in his travelling due to the current high demand of his art and presence, Duncan Mighty has the picture of  Nigerian actress -Destiny Etiko- sitting on his Instagram with the caption:

 Happy born day Dramma doll aka my ofada rice ❤️ @destinyetikoofficial

While this post might seem normal to other people because it is a celebrity wishing another celebrity a happy birthday (not a big deal), it can never be normal to any wife; not even the thick-skinned Annie Idibia. The post above must have lost its normalcy at the point where he referred to a girl who he’s been rumored to date as his “Ofada rice” with the inclusion of a heart emoji (In Tiwa Savage’s Lova Lova, Duncan Mighty uses the term Ofada Rice in the context of a person who he is in love with).

Whether or not this even has anything to do with Destiny Etiko, Duncan Mighty should not have hit his wife.

I clearly understand that many women provoke men with verbal abuse or even initiating physical contact first but we are looking forward to a crop of men who understand the difference between the physical strength of man and a woman and seek other means to better control the situation instead of succumbing to their fists. We are also looking forward to women who will demand their respect with loving grace whilst still keeping the next person’s ego unhurt.

If all the stories of Duncan Mighty doing the same thing to other women are anything to go by, it is clear that Duncan has a flaw that he needs to work on.

Does it make him any less of a fantastic artiste? Hell no. However, Musicians do not only sell music. They sell their images, they sell their habits and they sell their lifestyle.

A core of Duncan Mighty’s fans are females particularly because of his melody-driven music and his Obianuju smash hit. Nigerians can’t be trusted to boycott an artiste’s music because he hit his wife but it does not rule out the fact that a scandal of this nature is a threat to sales and an even bigger threat to Duncan Mighty’s re-blossoming brand.

If Duncan Mighty were a regular private citizen, an intense apology or a 3rd party intervention would quickly solve this issue but as a celebrity, the public mostly adds gas to the fire.

There is no way that’s set in stone for Duncan to handle this situation but his attempt with the Instagram post was definitely not the greatest choice.

If he really did this, what he needs to publicly come out with is the truth and a deep honest apology to his wife with an open promise to do better in the future. He needs to bare himself to the public, not as Duncan Mighty the legendary musician, but as a human being who also makes mistakes.

That way, his marriage will be healed, his fans appreciate him for his honesty and he will be on his journey to becoming a man who better treats and respects women, no matter the situation.

The one I don’t really understand is this gist I hear of some women deliberately causing their husbands to beat them simply because it leads to a passionate lovemaking session. Pray tell, is this an actual thing?

If your answer is yes, then people sure have weird fetishes.










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