Download + Review: WurlD – Love Is Contagious (Official EP)

The boldness with which blue-haired Wurld uses Fuji elements as the canvas for a healthy part of his love-ridden EP is as amusing as it is purely brilliant.
But, of what good would sublime art be if it does not pleasantly mess up the “normal” order of things?
Love is Contagious serves as Wurld’s second wholesome work, with his 2013 released evolution recorded as his debut and if there is one word that sums the 6-year interval between both projects, it would be mastery.
It’s in his smooth as silk delivery and approach, it’s in the maturity and dexterity of his vocals, it’s in the choice of his instrumentals and most importantly, it is in the ingenuity of his lyrical content.

Love is Contagious is released under the imprints of WeAreGvds and Universal Music, with ultra-laudable production from Mike Best, Leriq, Swerve, Del B and of course Shizzi, who is responsible for more than half of this 9-track collection. Sarz would have made such a welcome addition but I guess we can only hope for their collaborative magic on another project.

It only makes sense for “Show you off” to kick things off as it can be heralded as WurlD’s breakout” song and probably the most popular within his Nigerian fan base. It also stands as the only song with feature credits, even though Walshy and Shizzi do not make any noticeable vocal appearances (or were they the ones ladida’ing in the background?)
Paranoid, Feel right and Candy are all tussling for the position of my personal favorite but, this dilemma would probably not exist if Trobul – Wurld’s fantastic collaboration with Sarz- made it to this catalogue.

Right before I direct you to the spots where you can enjoy this music goodness, here are some additional points.

  1. Dear musicians, music is yours for the experimenting.
  2. You can sing 500 songs with one theme and they’d all sound and stand as unique individual pieces.
  3. Hair dye (that is not gold) can improve and be proof of your singing qualities
  4. Number 3 was a joke.


Download/Stream/Buy ‘Love Is Contagious’ By WurlD here


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