Download + Review: Timaya – Chulo Vibes (Official EP)

Timaya has many times referred to himself as Papi Chulo and seeing as it has influenced the title of his new project- Chulo Vibes, it is important to know what it means.

According to Alvira Usmani– a Quora respondent, Chulo means Pimp in Spanish but the word has now taken a new turn to mean cool, pretty, cool or sexy in modern usage.

Although an E.P., Chulo Vibes is Timaya’s 6th project in his impressive 12-year career and it presents him in his comfort zone, as a veteran in his chosen genre.
Orbeat, Chillz, Kel P, Chrisstringz, Micon Beatz and Dapiano all take music production credits, with STG on the mixing and mastering front of all tracks, except the fourth, mixed by Alpha for Focus Sound.
Much like the technology that we enjoyed Timaya’s debut on, the singer’s style has evolved into a space of easy melodious groove. With nothing more to prove, Egberi papa continues to blaze his impeccable trail of relevance with this spanking new 9-track piece.
Setting the pace of tranquillity and danceability at the same time, Timaya reminds us of his roots and his purpose on the opening track-Balance. He puts us in “The mood” for bank alerts on the next track before pulling up with no other than the Giant of Africa, Burna Boy…(sorry but Burna is never living that giant thing down.)
Pull Up is expected to be the glittering gold of the project because of its collaborative value and the actual quality of the tune but Akuna might make it as a personal favorite for some listeners like me.
Akuna is an eastern/south southern derogatory word/slang that is generally used to describe women who are believed to be errrrm, sexually liberal. Timaya tells us on this track that he is shameless of his woman, no matter what the society tags her due to her looks and sexual preferences.
Number One continues in the admiration of Timaya’s love interest and this time he is in the company of Tanzania’s award-winning Alikiba. Obrigado is yet another overdose of mid tempo vibes which immediately ushers in a very essential message on “I Can’t Kill Myself”. Here, Timaya addresses the outrageous expectations and standards that entertainers are held to, particularly in Nigeria.
Self-love is the sermon preached on Happy and he drives the point home with Trinidad’s finest Machel Montano. The Dapiano-produced Stoopid brings things on Chulo Vibes to an upbeat halt, leaving us with yet another monumental addition to Timaya’s discography.
It is very unlikely for Timaya’s fans to feel how they felt when he came out with True Story but this fact only sums the essence of growth for all parties. Timaya has not only survived the worst times of the Nigerian industry; he has also thrived in it and Chulo Vibes is yet another receipt of this resounding fact.

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