Download: Adekunle Gold – Before You Wake Up [Audio]

Breakfast in bed? Sunlight streaming in through your room by the waterfront on a faraway island? Waking to the gentle strums of a guitar and the soothing voice of your lover serenading you? Sounds like how most of us would like to wake up.

Star singer Adekunle Gold paints a dreamy picture of a fantastic morning created by an eager lover. As dreamy as his love declarations and promises are, the real catch is that he plans to surprise her with his plans by the time she wakes up.

’Before You Wake Up’, the first single after AGs powerful solo homer about 30 is so vibey it will have you holding your lover close and swaying happily to the smooth and Afro-poppish sound.

Before you wake up is produced by SESS and it’s available on all streaming and media platforms.

Looking like a great start to a great year ahead.



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