DJ Sose: Breathing Creative Fire Into Comics and Parties

Prior to this interview, if anyone had told me that our tattoo-faced DJ Sose was a funny and free-spirited guy, I wouldn’t have believed. However, after a twenty-minute interview where Sose cracked the ribs of the entire crew with his comments, funny expressions, remarks and replies, I am now a full believer of DJ Sose’s hilarious side.

Thomas Amar-Aigbe popularly known as DJ Sose, who hails from Edo State, was born to a Nigerian father and a Hungarian mother. Though he hails from Edo, he was born and raised in Ibadan and crafted his stage name “Dj Sose” from Sosenyayi  – a name given to him by his father.

I was delighted to hear that “Sose” means “bear witness”, which in a way reminded me of the popular movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” where the ravagers would cry out “witness me” before performing a glorious act.

Having performed in different countries, DJ’d in many A-list events, and featured in various songs, he is rated as one of the top 10 best DJs in Africa by channel O.

Dj Sose talks of himself as a free spirit and has a lot in store for his fans. He isn’t just a Dj, he is a businessman, a brand, and the life of any party he attends.

Is it permanent, the tattoo?

I go to sleep at night it is there, I wake up in the morning it is there. So yes, life is permanent

Everybody knows DJ Sose, like a brand. What is the back story?

Thank God for that, although I still have the issue of the face being recognised but the name can’t be placed. I‘ve been called so many names that are not mine.

Back story, I needed to figure out a way to stand out, imaging is important. It’s a similar case where you see a logo and you just know to which company it belongs.

As of today, who is DJ Sose?

DJ Sose is a brand and an entertainment mogul that is going to be an industrial mogul as well. I think it’s better to have your eggs in multiple baskets as opposed to having them in one, that way you have more opportunity to hatch from different environments, different sources and what have you.

What sets the DJing profession apart from others to you?

I’m a freestyle dj, meaning I don’t plan my sets. I just feed off the vibe of the crowd. More like an experiment, the crowd dictates the direction of the music. There are exceptions though when the crowd is unresponsive and I play for myself.

Why DJing?

I have a passion for music, always have. Growing up, my dad had a lot of records because he also had a passion for music. He used to be a DJ as a hobby back in the university, so you could say music flows in my veins. Growing up listening to records from different art and culture helped in the birth of my future.

Did you ever want to be vocal?

I actually wanted to be an artist but it didn’t really work out so I went back to finishing school, worked IT with DJing at the side. I was basically the party starter, which was in the era of CDs. It was a minor playlist until it grew into buying equipment. I quit IT and made it a full time job in 2007.

Have you ever woken up to wish you never left IT?

What? Hell no [laugh}

When you find job satisfaction from your passion, nothing compares.

Is it much different to play in Nigeria and outside Nigeria?

Of course it is.

What are the major differences?

In Nigeria, you can hardly introduce an unknown track which is not so outside Nigeria. As long as the song has a good vibe, everyone flows with it.

Tell us about your comic project

I have a comic book in progress, done two episodes already and we are on the third episode now. The main focus of the comic is to address bullying which is the major issue on ground now.

Any plans of creating animated characters?

On the long run, yes!

The idea is to first start off with the comic, build the following, build the hype and make it a case where fans can relate. So, in the long run I’d love to do an animated film or a feature film and if not, a series either animated or movie.

How far would you say we have gone in entertainment?

A long way I’d say. To become influenced on the global scales. We’ve started exporting good, clean talents. We can only get bigger if we continue. The only issue I have is structuring but it’s beginning to come through.

DJs are becoming real hits now, what would you say about that?

That is because we “new school” take DJing as a business. We are no more just DJs, we are now brands. It was meant to happen sooner or later anyway.

Personal stylist

Myself and family.

I try to be like a bridge. As I am mixed race, I try to bridge the western and African.

What will you be caught doing for the most 2018

I do not like to specify because no one is limited to that. I’ll be doing a lot as I am a free spirit. So I’ll be doing a lot of DJing, remixes, comics and so many other things. I’ll basically be doing a lot.

Any music projects?

Like I said, remixes. I’ll be doing a lot of remixes.

It’s almost valentine; do you believe in it?

No; I don’t see why you need one day to define love. Every day is a blessing so you should be able to give love to that special someone every day.

Would you say men like valentine or not?

I personally think valentine is cool but don’t think you need just one day to show love, so I can’t speak on behalf of men.

What do you think of the new sex doll trend?

The toy {laugh}. The thing is, the sex doll has been around for a very long time but social media just blew it out of proportion. I think it’s wrong though and the price, I can buy a land with that money [laugh}.

At the end of the interview, all I could think of was how much of DJ Sose the world actually needs: a full-blown creative, who has a vision to build an empire using his creativity , while dabbling in many forms of art that in the next few years, the Nigerian art and entertainment industry will be glad that DJ Sose has a hand in.


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