Dj Khaled & Other Celebs Buying Tickets To Win $1.6 Billion Lottery

DJ Khaled

Ever since it was announced that the Mega Millions lottery was going to give the winner a whopping 1.6 billion dollars, everyone was thrown into a frenzy with everyone scuffling to buy lottery tickets. While it is expected for the average person to buy tickets, it’s interesting to see celebrities and entertainers alike joining in on the fun.

Celebrities like DJ Khaled and Meek Mill are among the few reported to have bought tickets so far, and they seem to have bought a ton of them. The We The Best CEO took to his Instagram page to show off the insane amount of tickets he was purchasing at the gas station tonight.

The odds of winning this lottery is about 1 in 302 million. With all those possible combinations, the likelihood of winning is astronomically low, but Khaled and Mill are still gunning for glory.

According to reports, the lump sum cash reward for the winner is about $900 million, with the government taking about half. So all in all, if there’s one winner they could win about 500 million cash after taxes, making the winner just as rich as Beyonce overnight.


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BILLI ! Secure the bag ? alert ?!!!!!!!!

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