DJ Enimoney: The ‘Wobey’ Disc Jockey

Eniola Olamilekan Adedeji popularly known as Dj Enimoney in an interview with, talks about the life of a Dj, how it started and his ongoing campus tour titled the “Wobey tour”.

The Wobey Dj, who in all modesty said he doesn’t think he is self-made as God makes man, says being a Dj is just the “life” and being a part of the YBNL family is an additional blessing as he never plans to leave family. Dj Enimoney is a really fun guy, who loves to dance and was even at some point a professional dancer.

The graduate of computer science started DJing professionally in 2005 and is sending a message to those who think he was made a superstar by his brother Olamide.

The disc jockey listens to lots of artists but his favourite sound is afrobeat. As much as Dj Enimoney loves sound, he has no plans on on becoming a singer/rapper and confessed that if he wasn’t a DJ, he’d have been on his computer still.

When did DJ-ing start for you?

It started professionally in 2005. Before that, I was DJing on the street, just doing my thing. I also DJ’d for a couple of friends.

Are you just the in-house Dj for YBNL or do you Dj outside YBNL?

I started Dj-ing outisde YBNL this year with my campus tour.

Would you say you are self-made?

I wouldn’t call myself self-made because God made us all. Man isn’t selfmade when God makes you.


Were you always a Dj?

No o. I used to be a professional dancer, I even had a dance group.

How does it fell like; making money doing what you love?

I am happy doing it, it is not all about the money though. It is like showcasing your inbuilt ability.

So you grew up as a dancer?

Yes, only stopped dancing in 2005 when I started Dj-ing professionally. Before then it was dancing alongside DJing.

When you started professionally, did you start on your own or with YBNL?

I started with the brand YBNL.

Would you say Olamide made you known?

*laughs* We’ll know this year. Let’s just leave it at that.

If not Dj-ing, what would it be?

I’d still be on my computer doing well, whatever that comes to mind #laughs

Who’s your favourite artist apart from Olamide?

No one exactly because I listen to a lot of artists.

What’s your style?


Of all the different sounds you hear, what do you play most?

I listening to what other Djs play and then play what is cool, I mostly enjoy playing afro beat.

How do you feel about the sex going on in the Big Brother house?

They are just enjoying themselves.

Do you think it is appropriate for TV?

I don’t think they should be criticised, it’s a game and they are doing what they have to do.

If you were on the show, would you have sex in the house?

I cannot be on the show, ever.

Would you like to Dj in the Big Brother house?

I would like to go show them what I’ve got.

Any plan to go vocal?

Zero plan.

Tell us about your campus tour…

It’s been going well, visited LAUTECH first. They enjoyed themselves even with the heavy down pour.

How many more schools do you have to go?

A lot more, I can’t count though

All around Nigeria?

Not all over Nigeria just yet. Maybe later in the future.

Wobey Dj, how did you come about the name?

Wobey is a way to call out scouts, so I’m the wobey Dj

How would you rate the Olamide science student video?

I’ll rate it 100%.

What’s your signature?

I won’t say I have one, you can see looking differently at different times.

Diet, how’s that going?

It’s been going well, God’s been good. It’s a 100%

Should we be expecting more shaku shaku vibe?

Yes sure, more dance, more shaku.

Love, is there a special one?

Yes, I have love… #laughs

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