Dexmethylphenidate For ADHD Makes A Smooth Transition Into Adulthood

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Adolescence, described as the period of great storms and intense stress, is a crucial phase
considering the many changes in the physical, social, mental, and emotional aspects of an
adolescent’s life. As adolescents transition from childhood into adulthood, there would be
scores of challenges to face like social expectations, peer pressure, deep-plunging self-
esteem, among others.

While adolescents have a hard time confronting and surviving the teen years, their parents
are equally struggling with them as they feel the strong need to shield their kids from all the exasperations and setbacks that they have experienced after going through adolescence.

What would make it increasingly difficult for parents is when their kids have that brain
disorder called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD while withstanding the
developmental stages of adolescence. This article will help parents figure out a game plan to help them and their ADHD teens to keep a positive direction so breezing through puberty will be trouble-free.

Don’t Agonize, Organize

Unfortunately for adolescents with ADHD, people who knew nothing about their condition tag them as lazy, careless, and messy individuals. Long-term disorganization and
absentmindedness, which are critical ADHD symptoms, can be crippling to ADHD
adolescents as these would disallow them to remember essential instructions, complete
great tasks, and prioritize life goals.

Parents must closely and collectively work with their teens regularly in developing the much-needed organization skills so the latter would become better at managing their time,
completing chores, and excelling in whatever they do. Organization invention would include
encouraging adolescents to keep a schedule of their day-to-day routine by writing down due dates for their projects, for example, or encircling the times for their meetings or
appointments. Other than that, parents must motivate their teens to keep a clean space by
removing unnecessary items from their desks or rooms to declutter their minds as well.

Health Is The First Wealth

Parents of ADHD teens must encourage proper nutrition by eliminating foods that are
considered junk, those that are full of sugar and fats, and other foods that are completely
bad for the mind and body. To maintain their teens’ energy levels and for them to be more
productive every day, parents must be conscious of the food that they serve on their tables
by only sticking to healthy meals that are rich in complex carbohydrates, proteins, and

Parents must keep in mind that a healthy diet will have a substantial and worthwhile effect
on their teens’ intelligence, behavior, and memory while an unhealthy diet will promote
severe ADHD symptoms. Parents must also make sure that the foods they eat are clean
since most of what we can purchase from the supermarkets is inorganically grown edibles
and industrially raised animals. They must also start reading food labels, ensuring purchases that are free from food preservative or additives, and free from sweeteners and artificial dyes.

Don’t Be Skeptical. Medications Can Be Magical

After the ADHD diagnosis, doctors may prescribe a few medications to manage ADHD
symptoms effectively. Parents of ADHD teens must take note that these medications will not cure the condition, but these will help improve their teens’ ability to concentrate, regulate their behavior, and refine their listening skills. Dexmethylphenidate is a doctor-prescribed medication, which belongs to a group of drugs called stimulants and which can validly manage ADHD symptoms like impulsiveness, focusing problems, restlessness, and so on.

Since ADHD medications can be costly, one of the money saving tricks is redeeming this
dexmethylphenidate discount coupon, which is honored by a rapidly growing number of
pharmacies. To help parents in preventing problems when taking ADHD medications, they
must make sure that their teens are only taking the recommended dose at the right time, and that they have several visits to the doctor to monitor their vital signs and inconsequential bodily reaction to the medicines.

Because Life Is A Matter Of Choices

It may seem reasonable for adolescents with ADHD to become hooked to alcohol and drugs
with a habit of reckless driving and other behavioral problems since ADHD generally
assumes impulsivity. Parents may suppress impulsivity by giving their teens consequences
for bad behavior, especially when they break the law. They may set sanctions like
confiscating their mobile phones, disallowing them to go out and have their regular social
activities, or denying them of the car and other privileges. If parents are having a hard time disciplining their teens, they can always seek the help of ADHD coaches.


Teenagers, with or without ADHD, will always need the love, support and, of course,
guidance of their parents. Parents may sometimes feel that they do not have much influence on their teens. However, the behavior of their teens will depend on how strong their bonds are with their parents. There must be a brilliant relationship between parents and their ADHD teens as this will usher success and general happiness for all.


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