Designer Brand ‘Supreme’ Is Being Challenged By A ‘Legal Fake’ In China

Popular designer brand, Supreme is currently being challenged by a fake in China. The counterfeit brand is termed a ‘Legal fake’. “It’s a practice that involves registering a trademark in a certain country before the original owner of that trademark has a chance to do so,” as explained by Alessandro Balduzzi, a trademark lawyer.

Apparently, the original brand was not registered in china, giving the fake a chance to register the domain name and trademark in the country. The major problem is that this is legal and the original supreme $1B brand cannot charge the China counterfeit to court.

The Supreme store that expanded to China is owned by IBF director Michele Di Pierro. He is the director of the Supreme Italia brand.

The major problem all these posses is that it will mislead the customers into purchasing the counterfeit, resulting probably in a fall in standard of the brand.



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