Dear “Young Political Aspirants,” Get your Fake A$$es Out Of Nigeria

Let me just start by saying two things; 1. This isn’t a hate post and, 2. This doesn’t apply to ALL young political aspirants, but to those who will feel triggered by this post because they fall under the category of my rant session below.

On my way to work today, I passed by Quilox nightclub and I saw a lot of jeeps parked out front with armed policemen and a couple of people making noise here and there. I initially thought that it was probably EFCC or SARS that are probably packing some Yahoo-Yahoo guys or something, until I spotted a bus that was decorated with Shina Peller’s political campaign posters, and I was like, huh?


What is he doing in politics exactly? We already have people like 9ice who hasn’t done anything of note in Oyo state except to sing about his guys that are doing “shashe,” then we have Ben Murray-Bruce in Bayelsa that is more of a Twitter senator than an actual one, continually spitting ‘common sense’ bars that are better off being a music album or for spoken word, now we want to add a nightclub and record label owner to the mix? It’s bad enough that we have very old people in politics who are almost senile and can’t think of anything else but to steal money, now we have to deal with young people who actually do not care about our wellbeing but are going into politics to further their own personal agenda.

There are some young presidential aspirants that are contesting solely because they get a diplomatic passport whether they win or not, there are others contesting for different positions of power because they have personal businesses they want to try and use the network and influence politics gives them to expand their resources and pass bills and laws that will favour them.


And then finally, let’s add the ‘young aspirants’ who are basically puppets and figureheads because it is some godfather in the shadow that will actually be in control.

So if you fall under any of these categories, we don’t need you in our country, and you should take the next flight to Russia and go slap Vladimir Putin in the face since you clearly want to be stupid since we are trying to fight for the good of the country as a whole, but you are busy trying to further the stupid corruption legacy that the old leaders- that we are trying so hard to remove,- have set.

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