Dear Nigerian Ladies: The Proper Guide To Shooting Your Shot

Since popular songstress ‘Simi’ dropped her hit single ‘Joromi’ which basically entails her shooting her shot to a dude she likes, Nigerian ladies have decided to take a few leaves from her book and have been shooting their shots and sliding into the Dm’s of guys they fancy. Gone are the days when men had to do all the wooing when it came to relationships, ladies have now taken the initiative in ‘toasting’ men but it seems most of them are wrongly shooting their shots.

Well grab your notepads and follow the guidelines below if you’re the type who has been shooting her shot but keeps on missing.


The number one mistake Nigerian ladies make when shooting their shot in the Dm is them entering guys dm and leading with ‘Hey, I like you and you’re cute, this is me shooting my shot’. First of all you just ‘fvck zoned’ yourself because even if he doesn’t like you he’s going to play along because he now knows that having s3x with you is going to be easy since you already like him. When entering a dudes dm, start a conversation, get to know him and casually suggest you guys hang out. He’d get the message and he’d know whats up, just entering his dm and dropping a bomb on him is quite off-putting to a few dudes.


Also goes hand in hand with point one. Don’t be too s3xual and sultry when you’re starting your conversation. You don’t even have to slide into his dm. Start by liking a few pictures and then drop a comment that demands an answer and you guys could basically have a conversation in the comment that will open doors to you indirectly shooting your shot.


Ladies, You need to understand that you’re not everybody’s spec. You might be hot and you might also feel you’re a goddess but not everyone will say yes and not everyone will like you. Most ladies tend to feel entitled and they feel that because they are ladies and they had the ‘balls’ to slide into your dm you’re obligated to say yes even if you don’t feel them. Sisters, life doesn’t always work like that.


The fan zone, way worse than friend zoning yourself. Fanzoning yourself is when you enter a dudes dm and you talk like you’re a fan saying things that would stroke his ego. Before entering a guys dm you should remember that you’re the catch and he’s the lucky one. If you act like a fan he’d treat you like a fan and that’s even if he’s nice, the mean ones would treat you like a groupie and we all know what happens to groupies.


NOBODY (at least not me) likes a woman who’s overly shy. Never enter a dudes dm and just say ‘Hey’ expecting him to carry on the conversation. If you’re the type who’s shy please leave the shyness in your purse and put on a confident persona when you’re in his dm. You’re allowed to be shy in real life but in person try to be confident. Also, after entering his dm once, if you really like him you should send two to three follow up dm’s to show that you’re serious.

This isn’t the 1800’s when only men have to be the hunters hunting women and shooting all the shots, times have changed and the paradigm has shifted. Shoot your shot today and break gender stereotypes.


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