Dear Men: 2 Important Things She Wants When Having S3x

Miracle and NinaSo last night, I was with my guys playing games, drinking responsibly, and gisting. We talked about everything; football, Buhari and politics, and as expected, girls. While on that subject, one of my guys confessed that the lady he is currently doing friends with benefit with has been complaining that he isn’t doing the necessary things required to satisfy her. That it feels like all he wants is to ejaculate and then continue with his own regular activities while she is always left unsatisfied on the bed feeling like she’s wasting body count.

Now, that wasn’t what shocked me, it was his own response to it that did. He said, “Isn’t that the aim of having s3x, to release?!” Right after that, the game we were playing was paused and the convo heated up (in a friendly manner, of course) and we were split down the middle, with one half agreeing with him (which we will be calling Side A from now) and the other disagreeing (which will be Side B).

While we were debating the issue! Side A was saying things like, “It’s not our fault if she doesn’t have an orgasm”, “Do you know how hard it is to make a woman have an orgasm?”, “They have too many erogenous zones abeg. We basically have 1, but they have like 100 and still counting”, “We literally have two hands, not 5 or 7. How can we keep up?”

Side B was responding with things like “Aren’t you meant to know? Rome wasn’t built in a day so you are supposed to learn everything about her body and know the order to touch to please her”, “Sex is a mutual thing and the two parties are supposed to enjoy it and get orgasms. When it’s not as if you are wanking. Your hand doesn’t enjoy the masturbating process, you know.”

While I watched the debate reach new levels, I had this burning thought in the back of my head, If there are other guys out there thinking like the guys in Side A, then just how many unsatisfied and unpleased women are walking about the face of the Earth.

Well, in conclusion, I have two important things to tell guys about pleasing women in bed. The two important things she wants while having sex are

  1. Know her body even if it means taking time to do so. It shows that you are really into it and it is a good way to prove the second important thing.
  2. Please her. Sex isn’t really all about you having an orgasm and then you bounce. Sex is meant to be mutual, and the mutual pleasing of both parties involved. Foreplay is necessary, get intimate, and don’t be in a rush to chook. Something I’ve heard works very well is if you make the foreplay so intense that she begs you to chook her. It’s better she’s the impatient one than you.

Do you agree with me? If you are a lady, comment on the things that guys should do to please women. If you are a guy, then tell me whether you are on Side A or Side B!

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