D-Black Talks About Raising Leaders, Being a Record Exec and His New Hip-Hop Project

For those that remember the golden days of “D-Black and Kwaku – T” we would reckon that the Ghanaian Hip-Hop artist has become more and more of a businessman, with each bag he secures. 
D-Black began as raw ambition. His crafty and observant manner, allowed him to sit at the table with legends like Reggie Rockstone – who gave him his first music video cameo. 
D-Black and Kwaku-T, birth an entire era for Ghana music. 11 years after they released “Move” together and a long solo discography later, D-Black has become one of Ghana’s leading music moguls and the latest Ghanaian CEO to feature in Forbes.
On the heels of his latest album, “Smokes and Mirrors”, Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh asked D-Black 10 questions on behalf of vibe.ng
Where does your new album place your career as a Rapper? 
“My new EP is 90% Hip-Hop.  I’m taking my career back to the essence; How I began my career in 2010 with a Hip-Hop album. The second album was Hip-life and the Third was Afrobeat inspired.” 
With success turning you into a record executive, what do you think you’d do differently henceforth? 
“As a record executive, I’ve turned into someone who likes to share my journey, with the Artistes, producers, DJs and the label; I impart a little knowledge and share my 10-year journey”
Do you think artists from your label tried to take the attention away from your new project, with their exit? 
“I don’t think that at all.  These are discussions we already had and they already weren’t part of the label, anymore”
Your P. A is set to run for parliamentary office in 2020.  What’s your policy on raising leaders?
“With my former P.A running for parliamentary office, I think it was too early for him. However, I wish him the best and I’ve told him, I’ve got his back. A hundred per cent! I’m not into politics, but I love that someone from my camp, is running towards being a leader.”
Hearing Smokes and Mirrors, which song do you think resonates with most people? 
“The first Record – Because it’s a question we all have to answer.
The last Record – When you listen to it, you’d understand what I mean.”
How has digital streaming changed the game for you and what are your expectations for Smoke and Mirrors? 
“I’m getting a cheque every other month, so I’m chilling. We’re grateful.  Music has come a long way”
Bars, Stories, Rhythm – What defines your style on Smoke and Mirrors? 
“Bars, Stories, Rhythm! I think it’s a combination of all three. It’s the first time in a long time, I’m dropping bars and I’m telling you stories about things I’ve been through or things I’ve read. There’s a story on there called ‘Die Young’, that’s about a story I read, about a dying little boy that made me cry.  Rhythm! Definitely, we’ve got Tha Bounce on there. You should listen to it, to get that 90s Hip-Hop vibe”.
What’s your most successful record to date? 
1. Personal Person – ft. Castro
2. Seihor – ft. Castro
3. Vera – ft.  Joey B 
What’s one thing you hope everyone takes away from Smokes and Mirrors?
“D-Black is Back! The Hip-hop D-black that wasn’t there, is there.  We just had to make some money. Hahaha”
Which videos would we see first?
“Heaven and Hell!  Out now on YouTube and all screens.  It’s everywhere!  Enjoy it”.
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