Davido, Wizkid and the tussle for international supremacy

Who's falling? Who's coming closer?

Davido is just impossible…lol.
People have barely recovered from the frenzy of “tati billion for the akant i yo” and then he goes on to heighten the madness…

Money fall on you…

Banana fall on you…

Lol… Stoooopid boy.

Further spicing things up, he connived with our Nigerian brother doing us proud in the abroad– Daps the Flex God- for a sick video . Oh by the way, read why we think he’s winding up hands-down as the world’s best video director.
Coupled with some dramatic housekeeping (Kamal out, Asa Asika in), his rumoured rebellion to get his groove back after his lukewarm Son of Mercy, somewhat worked – classic Davido giving his fans what they are used to. To be honest, as far as local perception is concerned, If might just trump Come Closer in a popularity contest. And pending when Wizkid blesses us again, Davido’s Fall is another one for the scoreboards.
The real question though is, which scoreboard?

Even though they fell out and made up once upon a time, there’s no denying the battle for supremacy between these two. Infact you’ll be surprised how deep it runs. Both have strong core selling points (street kid: rich kid), They both nabbed international gigs on the same label, almost same level of influence, 2 baby mamas each (until proven 3 for OBO lol), and now 2 months after Wizkid’s Come Closer video, Davido has also done a video with Daps…

Just to straighten the curiosity out, we turned to Sony Music West Africa’s Managing Director, Michael Ugwu, to know the motive behind Davido’s collaboration with Daps. Was it a product of a working history or was it because of how Come Closer turned out?

“Maybe a bit of both… Daps was on the set for the If shoot in London so they already have that relationship. His (Daps) success with Migos who are one of the biggest groups on the planet makes him an obvious choice. He’s young, he’s current, he’s well recommended plus he’s very good and trained under Director X, one of the best in the game”

Apart from using same cool director in their videos, Davido and Wizkid have employed various strategies in the quest to become the coolest kid out of Africa in terms of music on the universal scale but how well are these strategies working?
Davido as mentioned earlier, has ditched experimenting for now and is serving his African fanbase with full force. SOM did not get the desired results so he went back to his old drawing board and IF was born. He has apparently followed suit with Fall and just might keep tapping into his tested and trusted formula. His local fans are now more satisfied than they have ever been but what then is the current fate of his international marketability? With what’s starting to look like a big fish in a small pond syndrome, Davido seems to be very comfortable holding Africa down but was the plan not to take the music global?


From the outside looking in, Wizkid appears to be doing his international deal some justice: dishing that widely craved Afro-Caribbean wave sound while garnering concrete intercontinental reputation, and highly rated accolades. Though conclusions cannot be fully drawn until Sounds from The Other Side officially drops, there’s a certain looming fear. Is Wizkid slowly leaving his local day ones unattended to?

Apparently, they both have a lot of work to do. Regardless of what’s working for who, there’s desperate need for them strike the balance. They got signed for how far they have come and the potential to raise the bar much higher in a larger space.  If Davido’s international numbers are intangible, his chances of disengagement will sky-rocket and a sour break up with Sony will have a ripple effect on the Nigerian music industry and the climate of the business. If Wizzy loses loyalty on the home-front, he might face major issues regaining it if shit mistakenly hits the fan.
There has obviously been a massive gravitation towards Nigerian music and even more since both of them got put on. Amidst all the hype, excitement and negative predictions, one screw-up on their parts can take the Nigerian music industry many steps back in the course of its journey to becoming one of the world’s leading markets.

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