Dating ‘Don’ts’ You Should Never Overlook

dating don'ts
dating don’ts

A lot of us go on dates and during these dates, we tend to do a few things that put us at risk of spoiling the date or closing doors for future dates.

So, below are 10 dating ‘don’ts’ to help us through our date nights.

  • Get out of work mode

When going on a date, it is totally offensive to be in a work mode. It is almost normal for a lot of people to fix dates during the week and head out straight from the office but you risk arriving at your date in a work mode, leaving your date feeling like a business meeting.

Get out of that work mode before heading out to your date, wear fresh makeup, loosen your tie, let your hair down, lose your jacket, undo a few buttons on your shirt, spray fresh perfume and maybe show some skin. Arrive at your date with a less serious look and allow your date to commence on a lighter note.

  • Don’t let nerve spoil your fun

Do not get too nervous, sometimes we get too nervous and start to think too much. Try to be as free and simple as possible on a date, thinking too much makes your stiff and that drives the fun away.

  • Beware of the ‘Dutch Courage’

Be careful of how much alcohol you have on a first date. Having as much as possible on a third or fourth date might be allowed but do not have more than a few glasses of wine on a first date. Try not to drink beforehand and how much you dring during the date, you do not want to be staggering home or getting involved in acts you’d be surprised about later.

  • NO must-haves list

The ‘must have’ list has killed a lot of dates even before they begin. Instead of enjoying the company and trying to make the best of the date, a lot of people keep themselves busy with trying to check a few things off their list, unknowingly killing the vibe.

  • Live in the moment

Often times people are too distracted with concerns of how they look, if the date will work out, if they are likeable or something, that they are not present in the moment. They don’t live in the moment, no eye contact, they do not listen, they are not actively involved in the conversation. Live in the moment, it is very important and will make a far better impression, than if you’re more concerned about other things.

  • Compliment carefully

Compliments are really cool if you want to get along well with someone. Complimenting your date makes them feel good about themselves and makes it easier for your date to open up to you quickly. However, be careful with your compliments. It is advisable to target your compliments on things your date is in control of, like the choice of shoes, belt or colour of outfit and not things they have no control over.

  • Do not stay too long

Do not extend your date longer than necessary, especial a first date. 60 to 90 minutes is the advised time for a first date to last. Do not leave an impression that says you have all the time to spare. You want to leave your date wanting more of you and working hard towards getting more of your time.

  • Do not talk too much

Do not talk too much!!! That isn’t the same thing as not getting involved in conversations, it simply means ‘as much as you say, do not talk too much’ Your date doesn’t want to know about your horrible ex or every other unnecessary issue. Talk within the context of the date and nothing else.

  • Do not fantasize about the future

Do not fantasize about the future on a first date or even on the third date, that a few dates worked out doesn’t mean the future is certain. Putting unnecessary pressure on the moment, spoil it in most cases. So, just go with the flow, one step at a time.

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