Dating A DJ: 6 Reasons It’s A Great Idea

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One day DJ Cuppy will finally leave her footballer boyfriend and reply my Dm’s and we’d get married and have beautiful kids, till then, I’d be the patient dog. While most ladies shy away from dating Dj’s (because they’d rather go for the artistes), dating a DJ has loads of benefits. Ask Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift who dated DJ’s, their life was a bag of fun and their boyfriends (now ex) took them to loads of events.

Here are a couple reasons why dating a Dj won’t be a bad idea

1. PARTY GALORE: You can party whenever you want because you’d be his automatic plus one. While he’s busy doing his magic you can dance away your stress and worries. That’s a win-win.

2. THERE’LL BE SO MUCH DANCING: With partying comes dancing. If you weren’t much of a dancer before, best believe your dancing skills would be upgraded and even if you’re already a good dancer that means more dancing. Another win-win.

3. YOU’D BE MORE OPEN TO NEW MUSIC: You’re probably going to be the first person he’d give his mixes to listen to. Also, Dj’s are always the first people to get wind of new and banging tracks and the more you’re with him the more likely you’d be open to all genres of music.

4. NEW FRIENDS: Well, you gotta protect your territory but you also can’t be clingy. When you’re his plus one to all the parties he Dj’s for you’re bound to meet new people, mostly celebrities and people in the music and entertainment industry.

5. IT WOULD TRAIN YOU NOT TO BE TOO ATTACHED: He’d be dealing with a lot of people in the industry and by people we mean ladies. If you’re not ready to die of hypertension you’d have to let loose a little and let him do his thing.

6. YOU’D BE HIS SOURCE OF PEACE AND QUIET: After a hard days work of playing music and noise, he can be rest assured that he’d be going to a quiet home with bae who would comfort him and be his source of peace.


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