Dating Anniversary: When Should You Start Counting?

Recently, I read about a celebrity who was marking his 7th year anniversary with his partner, and they are not married. With marriage anniversaries it’s pretty straightforward (there’s a marriage date) but for unmarried couples what does an anniversary mean?  I got thinking…At what point do people start counting the anniversary in their relationships? Their first date? The first time they met? First s3x? Or did they just pick a date and agree to celebrate the anniversary on that day? I really don’t know.
Let’s paint the usual way most Nigerian relationships begin: A guy meets a girl, walks up to her and starts the normal toasting yarn, try’s to form a conversation, says something funny, makes the girl laugh, asks for her contact and they start communicating. He tells her he likes her and he is in love, she gives him that green light and they start going on dates. One day they have s3x! The boy asks the girl to be his babe- he wants them to be exclusive and she agreed. Maybe at some point, they started having issues and they broke up; then they came back together, then they broke up again…and had the whole back and forth until they stabilized. Am not saying this is how it is for everyone, but you get the idea right? In this kind of scenario, when do you start counting your anniversary from?
Personally, I think anniversaries are for married people. My question to unmarried couples that mark anniversaries is “did you actually sit down and discuss and agree about what day they are celebrating?” or did one person come up with a date, and the other person just went along with it?

I do not mark relationship anniversaries, but left to me I will start counting from when we first met. My reason is that it’s the day I met “you”, and you are now a wonderful part of my life, so I’m celebrating the day. Or what do you think? When will you start counting from? Let me know your views on this. Adios!

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  1. Anniversaries mark each year together, they have nothing to do with marriage. You can be together for forty years and have forty anniversaries and not be married.

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