Danny S: “Ege” From Iju Shaga To Shaking The World

Danny S
Danny S

Danny S aka the off the light crooner interview session is so far one of our most interesting interviews, In this session, Danny S talked about how music has been so far for him.

We found him surprisingly open about his excitement with his newfound recognition and is eager to show off his new Banga Ege video coming out super soon and he says…

“I won’t say much about it because it will be a surprise and I’m sure you will applaud me”

What hood does Danny S represent?

I’m from Iju Shaga, mainland. So I represent the hood, the street and like I always say in my music, “All the way from Iju, awon omo Shaolin temple, all the way from Ilu shaku shaku. Awon Ijobagurumaguru”

Before Ege, how far had you gone in the industry?

Well, it’s not easy “if you say make I check time omo na zero zero”. I did some songs that are out there but let us give God thanks for the opportunity of Ege, it blew my mind, blew everyone away. So now we are shaking the world.

How did Ege happen?

It was God’s blessing. A friend invited me to church for the 2017 crossover service into 2018, I didn’t want to go because I had a show but he convinced me. Luckily, we got to the church few minutes to 12 am and it was a celestial church, so we all knelt down to pray. But while prayers were going on, there were some guys behind playing, I turned around and said “ni**a, gbe ese e, ma sun, ma je ko kono candle si elese e” meaning that they should pray and not play while people pray so they wouldn’t go home with someone else’s problem. Everyone around thought I made sense, I said it again and they liked it, then I called my producer to get ready. By morning I went to him. So, that event plus some situations I’ve been going through in life put together was what birth Ege and I thank God for the opportunity, everything is just grace.

Danny S
Danny S

Were you aware of Olamide’s engagement with the song?

I woke up one morning to calls from people saying Olamide danced to Ege and it was amazing because I wasn’t expecting it. Before now, we used to talk but weren’t close but now, we are like a family. Whatever YBNL is involved in, I always show my support and whatever this small boy Danny S is involved in, YBNL supports. I really appreciate him because it is a really big thing, what he did.

How much recognition has the song brought you?

I am only not recognised if I cover my face. The recognition cannot be overemphasized. I no even know wetin dey inside the song, the thing just dey shack people. #laughs. People feel gingered when the song comes up, even me. When I am on stage performing, it’s just overwhelming and the way my fans react, it’s just grace.

What should we expect next?

A very good banga, something nice, something wen pass nunu, e be like shawarma wen dey smell. Iju shawarma. Something good is coming from me, I‘ve cooked a lot of things already, added the right ingredient, so a lot is ready. Don’t forget, Ege video is ready and will be out really soon, it’s just behind you like right now. It was shot by Unlimited LA, it is really fresh, I was even surprised when I saw it. I won’t say much about it because it will be a surprise and I’m sure you will applaud me.

Any idea where shaku-shaku originated from?

From the mainland, Iju shaga. I talked about it in my last music off the light. I said “all the way from Iju, awon omo Shaolin temple, all the way from ilu shaku shaku (city of shaku shaku)”. Shaku Shaku is from iju shaga and my shaku is different, is unique, and is classic.

What do you think the next trend will be?

We are humans, we evolve with time and you cannot predict what comes next. It could be anything but whatever it is, we’ll make it work.

Danny S
Danny S

Describe Danny S in 10 words

Danny S is kind, funny, honest, respectful, not a womaniser, confident, hardworking, relentless, a camera person, music lover and fashion lover.

Who do you think will be ruling the music game in the next 3 years?

The thing is, I never pray for anyone to go down because I’m going up. So whoever is leading now should keep going higher while we try to catch up. And of course, I see myself bigger because I didn’t start like this. The blessing is an overdose, so in three years, I promise I’ll be bigger.


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