Dammy Krane’s “Free Sinzu” Is Nothing But Bile In The Mouth

After musicians go to prison or have a life-changing experience, those things usually reflect on their creativity and they end up drawing from such experiences to bring out really good songs. People like Tuface (after getting shot multiple times), Notorious B.I.G, Maino, Akon, etc., but not Dammy Krane.

After his credit card fraud and short jail-time, Dammy Krane came out to release a new single, titled, “Free Sinzu,” and the only thing that crossed my mind after hearing the song was, “what the heck is this?” I even listened to the song again to make sure I wasn’t been biased or a buzzkill and the effects were still the same.

It almost feels like Dammy Krane isn’t taking his music career seriously. Maybe he has a better and surer source of income or something because Free Sinzu is nothing but bile in our mouths.

Is it the fact that he just took lyrics from Skuki’s “Fire” and Sauce Kid’s “Sinzu is Sinzu”? or maybe it’s because he kept repeating lines for the whole 2 minutes 58 seconds? Or is it the fact that the chorus and the song actually had nothing to do with campaigning for Sauce Kid’s release and more to do with having sex? Maybe he mistakenly wrote, “Free Sinzu” instead of “Free Sperm” or something.

What does Free Sinzu have to do with a girl that likes to fire, not tire, and wire? At first, I thought the ‘wire’ had to do with wiring money, but no other lyric agrees with that. So I had to remove that thought from my mind.

If a judge and jury ever hear this song that is supposed to ‘campaign’ for Sauce Kid’s release, they will just laugh their asses off, thinking it’s a comedy stunt.

Listen to the song above and tell me your honest thoughts in the comment section below.

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