The Curious Case of Speed Darlington

It’s no secret that these past few years have seen the rise of some celebrity trainwrecks (*cough*Donald Trump*cough*Vic O). But very few have been more baffling, albeit entertaining, than our very own Speed Darlington. From his popularized slang words (can you say bengderereng), to his extreme confidence and ‘braggado’ (he claims he inspires Diddy), Speedy has managed to stay in the headlines over the past few months. However, is any of this an indication that he can be taken seriously as a musical artist?

Let’s take a trip down Speed Darlington’s colourful rise to fame. He has been putting out music and videos since 2011 and he gained some notoriety for his sexually explicit videos. In one particularly risqué music video, Speed Darlington parts a woman’s bare buttocks and inserts a wad of money, all as the woman in question twerks. Other notable moments include him sucking a woman’s breast and, in another video, chilling with half-naked women in an empty bar in an unnamed Scandinavian country.

More puzzling than why YouTube has not taken these videos down, is the fact that these antics did not lead to internet fame until his high profile beef with fellow internet sensation, Vic O. After their explosive Twitter feud, Speedy rode the wave of his newfound popularity, releasing Instagram videos of him saying increasingly outrageous things. From the day he claimed to be Diddy’s inspiration to him cussing out the organizers of One Africa Fest for not giving him his props like the “King of New York City”, there hasn’t been a dull moment in the world of Speed Darlington. In another notable clip, Speedy proclaims his love and affection for married Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh. Since his proclamation, he claims he has received her number and is indecisive about which version of the “Scorpion King” to show her.

While Mr. Darlington has certainly kept us entertained, it is easy to forget that he is a musician. Although his song BangDadaDang! has kept the internet entertained, people haven’t necessarily taken him seriously as an artist. His songs haven’t gotten much airplay and he is yet to book any major shows. That being said, his song was recently played at Quilox nightclub in Lagos and, much like his rival Vic O, his YouTube view count is nothing to scoff at. So the question is, can internet sensations like Speed Darlington transform internet fame into real-life clout in the music industry? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, I bid you Bang Dada Dang!

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