Album Review: Cruel Santino’s Mandy And The Jungle

by Tiffy Daniels

Cruel Santino would pass as one of those who have redefined their sound to highlight their personality and origin. Considering his unique and futuristic style, he is one of those artist who wouldn’t let the cliché route of artists define his. In truth, Santi‘s Mandy and the Jungle pushes him to the center of the Alté scene.

Santi had previously released Freaky, Sparky and Rapid fire, off the album, which had raised his fans’ expectations for a mind-blowing project. I would like to believe the album in its best capacity has met those expectations, partly, if not completely.

The album production is almost faultless. The 16-track project was produced by GMK, Genio Bambino, Odunsi, Le Mav and Higo. The harmony of the instrumentals and richness of the sound is almost perfect. The transition from one track to another is equally as good.

Features include artists like DRAM, Krisirie, Bridge, Nonso Amadi, Tay Iwar, Shane Eagle, Tomi Agape, Amaarae, Kida Kudz, GoldLink, and Seki. There is hardly one of these features that is out of place. It’s amazing how everyone featured on this album can highlight their individual uniqueness to match Santis style.

Speaking of style, Santi‘s transition on tracks like Freaky, Diamonds(Where you been), DSM, and Raw Dinner is impressive. Being versatile is a feature an artist must possess to be outstanding. Again, there is hardly any track that is out of place. Freaky featuring Bridge and Nonso Amadi is one of my favorite tracks on the album, alongside . Freaky is a complete vibe, especially with the Baritone effect. Plus Nonso Amadi killed his verse.

The album is an 8 of 10. The 2 is just for keeps. I was not a fan of Santi before taking a listen to this album but, I’m impressed enough to be one now. Mandy and the Jungle is a perfect summer vibe. CruelSantino is a vibe.

The album is available across all platforms.


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