Creatives: 5 reasons why you must catch up on sleep

Creatives love to take such pride in their “vampirical”- nocturnal – insomniac way of life.


I am not even about to front that I do not relate to this midnight inspiration madness because I literally started this post at 12am. It is without doubt that some of the greatest ideas are birthed in the calm and serenity of wee hours BUT… If you decide to be all James Bond about it and not find a way to catch up on that sleep, sleep will pull a Usain Bolt on your rest deprived behind.

You definitely do not want to show up at a meeting looking like this…

10 giphy

Dozing off in the waiting room or on your day job is really not a good look. Even if you must juggle between late nights and early mornings, find a way to spread your 8-hour sleep time into smaller time portions.

Your differently functional brain needs regular resetting


The only way you will legit not run mad from all the different ways your mind is set up as a creative, is to constantly reset it. Lack of sleep might be an active bricklayer of that creative block you probably have. (Ignore the corny lool) Sleeping practically reduces the clutter in your mind thereby making room for fresh ideas thereby helping you move forward in life with your creativity.

There’s a reason why there is such a thing as “beauty sleep”

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For a career path that places a lot of importance on outward beauty, it is a paradox that creatives who should sleep more often are the ones who really do not. Sleep prevents the skin from sagging. Sleep prevents those dark rings around your eyes and those forehead creases that add years to your real age. For those of you who are Bob Riskying up,(Which I am not sure is super healthy but hey) the products work best when you get ample sleep. Remind me why you are not sleeping again?

Growth and General Well-being


 The hormones responsible for growth (HGH) are released during sleep. These hormones are also responsible for tissue reparation and let’s face it, creatives need a lot of this. All that brain work takes a toll on your body plus; due to your sphere of engagement  (especially entertainers) you are somehow more likely to be exposed to harmful toxins from alcohol and smoke(first or second hand).



I am not sure how to take the weird out of this but… dreams are potent avenues for seeing into the future and tapping creative energy and inspiration. If you doubt this please click here. P.S; You know what to do if you need to dream up some creative gems. SLEEP.

The forces that created sleep were not stupid. There will always be work to do and even while you try to stay proactive and disciplined, make sure it is not at the expense of your sleep and to the eventual detriment of your overall well-being. For the bulk of us who work at the appointed sleep time, car rides, break time and other free time slots in the course of your day are perfect for a little nodding BECAUSE…


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