Cheers to the Couple: 10 Different Wines Best for Wedding Gift

Wedding season is making noises again. The engaged couple is already composed of unmeasured joy and happiness. Now, if you are one of the invitees, it is the best time to cherish the atmosphere of love by sending them wines as a gift.

A bottle of champagne is a brilliant wedding gift for the engaged couple on their wedding day as a sign of celebration and abundant years for the couple. Check out these different bottles of wines to get you started on your shopping list.

2008 Pol Roger Brut

A kind of vintage Brut that is perfectly matched to the newlywed couple. This wine is a mixture of 60% Pinot Meunier, a dark-berried-grape widely used for champagne blend purposes and, a 40% Chardonnay, a sweet green-skinned grape. Thus, making it a sweet and perfect gift for the celebration toast most especially in marriage.

Delamotte Brut

In the exact day of a wedding celebration, the best companion of this specific Brut is a warm bed that will surely give you a chuffed and blessed wedding day feel. Aside from the warm bread, it pairs perfectly with a fruity dessert such as the wedding cake and ice cream. Correct me if I am wrong, but Delamotte Brut is the best wine you can taste in your entire life.

2009 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon

The classic vintage wine is truly special because of its creamy fruit and fine texture. Dom Perignon is one of the most prominent classic wine in the world that will surely give the couple the best memory they will cherish.

2018 Louis Roederer Cristal

From the three different and well-known critics namely Wine Enthusiast, James Suckling, and Jeb Dunnuck, 20018 Louis Roederer Cristal scored 100 points. Since 1979, this Cristal is widely used for the occasion. The wine is known for its citrus flavor and apples that hugely give a textured and fruity flavor to the wine.

Moncuit Cuvee Delos Blanc de Blancs Brut

Well, you don’t need a bouquet since this Dave Sokolin’s pick brings you a floral like beauty. Dave Sokolin proudly serves this lovely wine at all of his events. Make your gift the most romantic and memorable gift among all invitees just by giving this wine for just $38.95.

2016 La Massa Toscana

In all regions in the entire world, Tuscany has proven to be the greatest wine a person could have. The lovely thing is, this particular wine is available in many regions with a lower price. The color red La Massa Toscana would be a perfect gift for the groom and bride that symbolizes love and abundance.

2015 Teyssier

The team researcher of this wine provides the Bordeaux effect at a very low price. The Teyssier is available in every region making a perfect night for enjoyment. Since 2010, this vintage wine is one of the lists of a must-have beverage of most consumers. The interest of the public is a great proof why you as an invitee should bring this wine to the celebration.

2015 The Paring Chardonnay

If the wedding was scheduled in springtime, the best gift you can give is 2015 The Paring Chardonnay, a springtime bottle champagne. For only $22.95, you can now enjoy a fabulous warm spring day.

For a little background, the champagne was originally created in Santa Barbara, California. The quantities are limited thus if you’re truly a Chardonnay lover, better initiate quickly.

2018 D’Esclans Whispering Angel Rose

The spring and summer wine seasonal favorite. Whispering Angel Rose is one of the latest vintage drinks that sell out quickly because of its incredible taste. This Provencal Rosé provides pale pink color bottle wine that suits the bride, an ultimate girly type of color. Numerous customers out there keep the Whispering Angel Rose as their best served during occasion.

Pepiere Muscadet Sevre et Maine Clisson

Originally, the wine comes from the Loire, a region and a great producer from France. Blended with dried flowers, pear, and minerals, the champagne is a mixture of charming and powerful aroma.

If the wedding place is on the beach, it is your opportunity as an invitee to make this champagne as a gift to the groom and bride. The perfect blended wine such as Margaux wine truly suits the environment of the beach, fresh and long lasting.


In choosing a bottle of wine as a wedding gift, the engaged couple’s preference including their taste should also highly be considered in order for the invitee to have an incredible and yet memorable gift for the couple.

It is now your advantage as an invitee reading this article since it provides some product ideas on what would be the best gift for the couple. The products mentioned above were just some useful ideas you can offer to the couple. You can still choose something you will like. Something that suits the couple’s taste and your own preference as well.

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