Cheating in Relationships: Who Does it Better?

Cheating in relationships: who does it better?

You know, the myth and the expected/obvious answer to the question is that the “men” are the better cheaters. I mean, isn’t that like 85% of the reason the men are scum movement is an ever trending topic and is one of the most widely accepted and heavily involved movements in modern day times.

In fact, looking back at “myths, legends and the Bible,” there is a lot of evidence to support this movement. I mean, Hera should be like the Queen Mother of the men are scum “insurgency”. Zeus had her right there on Mount Olympus but still went down to earth to cheat and father Perseus and many other demigods. No wonder Hera was always angry and trying to sabotage a lot of Zeus’ and his children (that aren’t hers) movements. David had his wife, but a woman bathing brought out the Yoruba demon in him, and many other tales of men from the BC era to the current AD era.

But let’s look at it critically, who actually does cheat better? In the standard quantity/quality scale, the men are the majority of the cheaters on earth while the women are the better cheaters. If a man cheats, he has to work extra hard to hide it from his woman (who like Hera in Greek mythology, will almost always find out). He has to erase every scent the fellow cheatee left on him, come up with the most crappy excuses on why he was out late, and do all in his power to take her eyes off the cheating situation (which, if he was smart, will use his guys as the perfect cover for his late nights because a real bro will always have your back, and buy her jewellery so sparkling, that she gets blinded by and develops “cheating confrontation amnesia”). Whereas, if a woman cheats, she literally has to do almost nothing and she wouldn’t get caught. Her husband will come home and continue living in the optimal state of oblivion and ignorance – until he forgets a document or something at home and goes back home to catch his wife in bed with another man like they do in Nollywood movies.

Women, by every sense of the word, are the better cheaters. After all, the main focus should be quality and not quantity. But then, if we are looking at it from a developing country’s perspective, like in almost everything, quantity is all that matters. Just like how the masses will prefer eating to their fill even though the food is devoid of nutrients and will prefer having many worn out clothes than a handful of good quality clothes, so also do the men who do quantity cheating get more backlash and bile than women who do the quality cheating.

If you didn’t know, quality cheating is just as heartbreaking (whether your man finds out or not) as quantity cheating. And yes, I do know that men cheat more and cheat with many numbers of girls at once, but women, are by a mile, the better cheaters.

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