Cardi B Hints At Missing the D: “I Want It Inside Me, In My Throat”

Days have passed since Cardi B broke up with Offset, and subsequently had her performance stopped midway by the Migos rapper, who came to apologise, Cardi B has taken to Instagram amid all the drama to give a skit that well, may mean she is missing the D.

The Money rapper went live on Instagram to drink her morning coffee and then talked about how she “misses and wants it” between sips.

“I miss it, a lot. I want it…in my throat…inside of me,” she said. The emcee then slurped her coffee before continuing with lines that imply something other than a tasty drink: “Demolishing me…destroying me.” Later, she broke the whispering to declare, “Oh shit, I need more coffee.”

Although we can’t say for sure whether the rapper was serious or what she even meant by “it” (hey, coffee also goes inside your throat and destroys the sleep in you,) we can at least all admit that we were very entertained by it, sexual innuendo or not.

Do you think Cardi B will get back with Offset? Let me know in the comment section below.

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