Can’t afford to travel abroad for the holidays? Say hello to these 6 Kaduna hotspots!

When Nigerians are looking for nice states to go on a wild adventure, only a few people consider going to the north for a vacation. The places they’d usually choose would be the abroad, or back home, Calabar, Ogun, Lagos, Abuja and maybe Akwa Ibom. What if we told you that Kaduna is one of the most ‘Litt’ places you’d ever visit in Nigeria and it’s probably going to be cheaper to flex in Kaduna compared to the other exotic locations mentioned?

If by chance you find yourself in Kaduna and you’re open to having the time of your life and you’re also on a budget but you want to flex for the ‘gram and Snapchat, these 6 places are your surest bets.

kaduna park gamji
1. GAMJI PARK: Situated in the northern part of Kaduna town, if you’re looking for a romantic Hollywood movie type of date then this should be your first destination. It has a little amusement park where you can enter a few rides for ridiculously cheap prices and it also has a zoo with different types of exotic animals and hyenas that will bark at you. It  has a nice picnic spot near river Kaduna where you and bae can relax and gaze into each other’s eyes while gnawing on some fresh kilishi. Also, a nice spot to celebrate a birthday.


bar kaduna
2. DISNEY CHICKEN: Another nice location for a nice date. It’s a storey building with the ground floor being a nice restaurant and the top floor being a bar/club. What makes this restaurant awesome is the quality and variety of the dishes sold and the ridiculously cheap price, then again almost everything is cheap in Kaduna if you’re a Lagosian. Make sure you try their peppered chicken and order a bottle of their finest wines.


arcade kaduna
3. HALIMS EVENT CENTER: This is the only place that has a cinema in the whole of Kaduna. Though their cinema shows old movies, they have a nice outdoor eatery where you can relax with your friends and smoke shisha if you’re into that kind of stuff. It’s also the only place where the richest people of Kaduna hangout so if you want to network then that should be your go-to location.


ostrich bakery kaduna
4. OSTRICH BAKERY: There are at least 7 Ostrich bakeries in Kaduna state but the best two are the ones located at Sabo in Kaduna town (south) and the one at Isa keita (Kaduna town north). It has this coffee shop vibe and they have an arsenal of ridiculously cheap delicious pastries that are Instagram worthy. Also a nice location for a date and a family outing.


castle kaduna
5. KAJURU CASTLE: Go and watch Leriq and Wande coal’s video, that beautiful castle they used as their set was Kajuru castle located in southern Kaduna. Mayourkun also shot a video there and people kept arguing he shot the video in the UK. To spend a night in the castle is quite pricey but the ambience and experience is to die for.


bar kaduna
6. GREEN APPLES BAR: This bar is the most popping bar in Kaduna. If you call yourself a ‘happening guy’ and you’ve never been to green apples then you should retract that title. It’s almost like every other random bar in Lagos and Abuja but as we all know, Kaduna is a Muslim state with little to no bars in it and Green apples is like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. Still, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and unlike Lagos and Abuja bars that will overprice their drinks, Green apples bar sells their drinks at a normal rate.

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