Nigerian Afro-fusion singer/songwriter, Burna Boy releases the second video ‘Monsters You Made’, off his recently released album ‘TWICE AS TALL”.

TWICE AS TALL, released earlier this month, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and currently sits at #52 on the Billboard 200 and #128 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Artists Chart. This is Burna Boy’s highest-ever appearance on the chart, with a total of 14.8 million US streams between August 14th and August 20th. With over 78.2 million streams in the first week of its release, the TWICE AS TALL album became the number one album on apple music in 48 countries. Presently, it has crossed over 100 million streams across all platforms.

The video opens with the voice of Ebikabowei “Boyloaf” Victor-Ben, former commander of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), mirroring a glaring, naked and bitter reminder that the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is still in crisis.

Chris Martin’s haunting poignant voice is introduced and in its graphic state, sings,
“Calling me a monster, calling us fake,
You make the minotaur the dinosaur wake.
Calling me a monster, just ‘cause we say,
No way, no way, no way.”

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria by a conglomerate of film directors: Meji Alabi, JM films and Clarence Peters, this video depicts the resultant anarchy based on years of deprivation of people who exist in the land of plenty.

Burna Boy brings the messages in the video home with a sample from the resounding 1987 interview with Ghanaian poet, Ama Ata Aidoo: “Since we met you people 500 years ago, look at us. We’ve given everything. You are still taking. In exchange for that, we have got nothing…Nothing. And you know it. To the question asked: ”Don’t you think it’s over now”?, Aidoo’s reply is scathing. “Over?” she baulks. “Over where?”

To this, the Afrofusion star says: ”We’re still on the losing side to this day. We’re still giving and to this day we have nothing in return. It’s a truth that needs to be told. Everyone wants to come and sugarcoat it and try to be politically correct. Me, I’m not doing that no more”

With this video, Burna Boy blanks out any form of noise, allows the ‘musical beast’ take over and makes his supremely catchy music video as a true global citizen. Burna is a musical trip and has his spirits to thank for this video inspiration.

The mellifluous star premiered the video on August 27, 2020, on YouTube, at 8 pm WAT and the video is now available on all viewing platforms worldwide.

Lyrics to Monsters You Made:

{Intro: Ebikabowei “Boyloaf” Victor-Ben}
If the government refuse to develop the region
And continue the marginalization and injustice
The youth, that’s what coming after us
And it will be more brutal than what we have done

[Chorus: Chris Martin]
Calling me a monster, calling us fake
No way, no way, no way
Calling me a monster just ’cause we say

[Verse 1: Burna Boy]
We’re from the block where it rains
Where we create barricades
Keep opposition away
That’s why we strapped with AK’s
Don’t get kidnapped from your place
‘Cause it could happen today
Not knowing how to behave
That is a sign that you may
Just lose your life, what a waste
Your body found in a lake
You fucked around and the fisherman
Found you drowning for days
You know we come from a place
Where people smile, but it’s fake
How could they smile?
If you look around, they surrounded by pain
I’ve seen the sky turn to grey
It took the light from the day
It’s like the heads of the state
Ain’t comprehending the hate
That the oppressed generate
When they’ve been working like slaves
To get some minimum wage
You turn around and you blame
Them for their anger and rage
Put them in shackles and chains
Because of what they became
We are the monsters you made

Chorus: Chris Martin]
Calling me a monster, calling us fake
You make the minotaur, the dinosaur wake
Calling me a monster just ’cause we say
No way, no way, no way
Calling me a monster, make no mistake
That there’s only so much that you can take
We are the monsters you made

[Verse 2: Burna Boy]
I bet they thought it was cool
Probably thought we was fools
When we would break all the rules
And skip them classes in school
Because the teacher dem teaching
What the white man dem teaching
Dem European teachings in my African school
So fuck the classes in school
Fuck Mungo Park and the fool
That said they found river Niger
They’ve been lying to you
Ain’t no denying the truth
See what I’m tryin’ to do
Is draw the line for the mothers crying
We’re dying as youths
Come walk a mile in my shoes
See if you smile at the truth
See if you digest your food
That’s when you might have a clue
Of what the fuck we go through
You’re fucking lucky if you
Live through the day, better pray
That God always staying with you
Ain’t fuckin’ safe, any day
The reaper’ll be coming for you
We need a change and it ain’t no way I’ma take an excuse
My niggas findin’ a way
Or fuckin’ smile in the grave
This is the price that you pay
We are the monsters you made

{Chorus: Chris Martin]
Calling me a monster, calling us fake
You make the Minotaur, the dinosaur wake
Calling me a monster just ’cause we said
No way, no way, no way
Calling me a monster, make no mistake
That there’s only so much that you can take
We are the monsters you made

[Outro: Ama Ata Aidoo]
Since we met your people five hundred years ago
Look at us, we have given everything
You are still taking
In exchange for that, we have got nothing
And you know it
But don’t you think that this is over now?
Over where?
Is it over?

Burna Boy
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