Burna Boy Brags About His Wealth And Says “I Am Worth More Than $3.5million”

Burna Boy revealed on his Snapchat page on Thursday, that he is worth more than $3.5M (That is approximately N1.3B). The African giant stated that his cars are even worth more than 1.5 billion Naira.

He wrote on his Snapchat page as follows;

“They said I’m worth $3.5mill…That won’t even buy my cars. I might have to start doing some showing off. Nah. That’s not me. Imma just let u run with whatever ur blogs tell u. $3.5 tho. I’m dead,”

Fun fact: By the time I recorded ”All eyes on me” I was dancing around that 3.5 level.”


Even though his estimated net worth isn’t known, Burna Boy remains one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria. As the music star has spent the last few years acquiring several properties and exotic cars.


Source: TCS

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