VIBE LIST: 3 Brow Habits You Need To STOP!

Opening this post I’m guessing you’d think I’m a professional makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, wrong. I’m just a regular girl still trying to figure out how to contour and put on eyeshadow. However, when I see a horrible looking brow I like to speak up because I like to think I know the difference between good and bad makeup…to an extent.

I’ve come across different types of makeup, especially on Ig where people empty rainbow colour on their face and ask you to contact them for bookings, sigh. Do you really blame them? Everybody is hustling especially now that social media is the new gold mine, just ask Chief Obi who just made $1m from Ig skits. Yes, social media is that huge but that’s not why we’re here. This post is just to address all of us that draw rude looking brows, here are 3 brow habits you definitely need to STOP!


The Unibrow: My gosh, I honestly fail to believe that in 2017 people still draw uni-brows. I know this brow journey is a struggle because I remember how I started, but please put in juuust a little bit of effort and detach them brows from each other. I promise you’ll look and feel great.



The Halo Effect: This is an understandable mistake because most of us are bad at blending, me inclusive. I remember the last person that thought me how to draw brows, a professional makeup artists (@claire_makeupart helluur baby gial). The first thing she told me was to always use my foundation for the top and concealer at the bottom of the brows. That way blending is easier and there’s no halo effect because the foundation is your colour! But, if you’re good at blending and sure you’re not channeling your inner wiliwili, then carry on and conceal the top.

can you see how the top of her brows are white? That’s the halo effect and that’s a no no! Everything about her eye makeup is a no no!

Bushy Brows: Ladies, please please and please groom thy brows. You might be tempted to ask what about the guys with bushy brows? Unless a guy is part of the Bobrisky clan, I don’t think it’s necessary for them to thread and wax their brows. Notice how I didn’t add the razor technique? That’s because it’s dangerous to let someone do that for you cos chances are they can just cut you a new set of brows in the name of grooming. So the safest is waxing, tweezing or threading and yes, they’re all pretty painful so get ready to shed a tear or two.

Aunty Solange hwfar nau

There are soo many brow mistakes I come across almost everyday and like I said, I’m no makeup artist but I’m not blind either so please desist from making these mistakes or you might risk seeing yourself as a meme on social media one day.

Ps: There are so many youtuber’s you can turn to for brow tutorials. You can check out this one here, and remember…I’m no mua. xx

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