Break Ups: Top 3 Nigerian Music Groups That We Miss

In every music industry, there is one thing that is not only essential to the growth of either a particular genre or the industry as a whole, it is also very pivotal in the way some people perceive and appreciate music. Yeah, I’m talking about groups and bands. Around the world, a lot of people actually prefer songs from bands to those from lone artists. And it is the same here in Nigeria, as groups like P-Square have been so consistent over the years that many people can’t wait for their next song/album to drop.

However, there are many other groups that had us swooning over the years and then left us crying – till date – when they split off. Cos for some reason, they didn’t know that we were in the relationship together *mstchew*. Anyways, here is the list of the top music groups that broke up and left us crying and sad.

Anyways, here is the list of the top music groups that broke up and left us crying and sad.

Plantashun Boiz

Tuface, Faze, and Black Face were literally the gods of RnB up until the mid-2000s. They had back-to-back hits like Say You Believe Me, Ocean Passion, Rather Be, and You and I. Due to the normal things singing groups go through, they split and left us in tears… Yes! people literally cried when they broke up, and some still cry anytime Tuface’s song comes on because people always imagine Faze and Black Face on the track.

Styl Plus

After Plantashun Boiz broke our hearts, there was a momentary silence in the RnB genre until Styl Plus came into existence. Fam, their songs, “Call My Name”, “Runaway”, “Imagine That”, and countless other songs made them the most-sought after RnB group in Nigeria. I mean, you know you are doing something right when girls throw their underwear at you when you are performing on stage. But they broke up, and even though they are back now with one less member, it still doesn’t feel quite the same as the Styl Plus of 2006-2008.


Gospel artistes in Nigeria up till now still can’t hold a candle to Kush. Lara George, TY Bello, Emem Emma, and Dapo Torimiro were the gospel shit (God forgive me!) back then. Look at how great Lara George and TY Bello are solo with songs like Ko Le Baje and Green Land respectively, now imagine them singing as a group?… did you say heaven? Yes! I’m sure even Angels cried when they split.

Those are the top three bands that broke up and have since left us in tears. If you still do not understand the feeling, try and remember how you felt when P-Square split temporarily… Yes! that’s how people who witnessed the greatness that were these music groups, feel.



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Break Ups: Top 3 Nigerian Music Groups That We Miss

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