BlaqBonez: The ‘Self-Proclaimed’ Best Rapper In Nigeria


Nigerian songwriter and rapper, Akumefule Chukwu-Emeka, known as Blaqbonez visited the Vibe.Ng space most recently for an interview session where he proclaimed to be the best rapper in Nigeria.

The rapper in this session talks about his most recent album ‘Bad Boy Blaq’, the Re-Up, his favourite song off the album and the Re-UP, why this is his first album after so many years as a rapper, how he decided to focus on making music and not just rap and of course, he tells us why the past two years have been his best years in music.

  • How did you pick the name Blaqbonez?

That story is deep, really deep and I cannot tell it now. That story will come out when I am fully blown and it will be major. It’s something I can explain in just three words but let’s chill for now.

  • “Bad Boy Blaq”; what was the story behind the album?

In 2016, I recorded a song titled Bad Boy but I put it out in 2017, I don’t know why but after I put out that song, I felt like a project called Bad Boy Black would change my life. So, I started working on that, although it is sad that the song ‘Bad Boy’ didn’t make the album but it changed my life. That was when I met Alpha and Oxlade. Also when I worked with M.I and the L.A.M.B, ‘Bad Boy Black’ was just important and then a re-up came through.

  • So, you’ve been doing music since 2012, Why is this your debut album?

I have eight projects but because I didn’t have the right backing and structure, I didn’t make an album, I was mostly making mixtapes.

  • During the listening session of LAMB, you said: “I decided to start making music, not just rap because I have rapped, I’ve rapped and I’ve rapped”. Does that mean you might be going commercial?

Not necessarily, what I am doing right now is discovering parts of me that already exist and I am pushing myself to a limit. So, whatever kind of music I do right now will still be me, I am a rapper and I believe that I will continually be inspired to write rap. I didn’t think there’d be a time that I’d write commercial rap, I might make mainstream songs now and then depending on the inspiration but I will always be a rapper.

  • What’s your favourite song on the album?

Off the BBB album, I think my favourite is ‘Consent’ and off the re-up I think it’s ‘Good Boy’.

  • What’ your favourite song of all your songs?

There are too many songs for me to have a favourite right now. My favourite song is usually the last song I recorded and it is not out yet.

  • Mami Water” ft Oxlade; some reactions claim that you struggled to match your own energy on that song. The claims were that it felt like you forgot how to lay a proper 16, what would you say to that?

I really don’t think that is true and I think Oxlade is one of the most talented singers since Wande Cole

  • You claim to have had your biggest progress in the last two years since you started, tell us about it…

Well, I focused on music and not just rap. There is a way to make rap sound musical, so I focused more on making rap enjoyable.

  • Who is Blaqbonez in 5 words?

Blaq Bonez is ‘The’ ‘Greatest’ ‘Rapper’ ‘In’ ‘Nigeria’.

  • How has 2019 been so far?

The year has been awesome. After dropping BBB, who would have thought I’d drop a re-up that would be better? It’s been awesome. Everyone knows I’m not playing.

  • What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?

The plan is to drop visuals continually and I might drop a collaborative project with someone, we are already talking about it but we’ll see how it goes.

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