Beyonce and Jay-Z Terminates Friendship With Kanye West and Kim

Not too long ago, Jay-Z and Kanye West were the best of friends in the industry. The rap titans worked so well together that they pulled off one of the most successful Hip-Hop albums in history: Watch The Throne.

Fast-forward a couple of years after, everything went sideways after Kanye’s mental breakdown episode and all of a sudden, the previously teased Watch The Throne 2 automatically got put on the backburner. Now new reports suggest that we can all but kiss goodbye to WTT2 after news broke of Bey and Jigga “severing all ties” with the Keeping Up couple.

According to Daily Mail, the decision to cut off Ye and Kim has to do with their political support of Donald Trump. The Chicago superstar has been incredibly vocal about his support for the President and although Kim has said in the past that she does not agree with his views, she met with him several times in the Oval Office.

The situation is so bad, that the billion-dollar couple does not want anything to do with the Wests.

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