Best Ways To Make Your Instagram Marketing Campaigns Dazzle

Many kinds of businesses are seeing today on Instagram are using the platform as a meaningful chance to get new customers and get higher and better engagements with their existing customers. Other than using auto views Instagram in your next video posts, you do not need to rely on bots anymore to raise your engagement levels on your posts.

Even though some companies and organizations have already taken to the best strategies that maximize their success, there are few organizations that actually have a winning marketing campaign – despite about 86 percent of them having a presence on the platform.

However, Instagram has immense potential if you use it well. Research already shows that Instagram content receives greater engagement than other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, surpassing them by 15 percent. It is therefore important to set your strategy for marketing your brand on Instagram to increase your effectiveness. Here are some of them.

Before launching campaigns, make sure the timing is right

Similar to other marketing campaigns you would like to run, you cannot jump into the deep end without judging the environment to see whether the conditions are right. In the same way, it is important to stay away from launching Instagram campaigns until it aligns with the goals of your organization or business.

A good example of this strategy is Apple Inc., which did not have an Instagram account for years. However, things changed when they were about to launch the iPhones X and eight, and they launched a major campaign on Instagram, helping them get numerous follower numbers within hours. In the same way, study the conditions of the market you are targeting and launch your campaigns during the optimum times, and this will help you build a successful campaign.

Set measurable campaign goals
There is no use going ahead with a campaign if you have not set measurable and specific goals. These are to help you aim for a tangible result. It encourages you as well as other members of your team to make the best optimizations that make sure the goals are exceeded or achieved.

If you lack specific goals, it becomes very hard for you to set priorities, as well as observe improvements and updates to the campaign efforts. However, once you have a specific objective in mind, it becomes easy to understand what to do and prioritize in order to get the best results.

For you to understand Instagram habits, interview your target audience
It is very important to understand your target audience’s habits before releasing a service or product to them, and it also gives you plenty of information to use during a marketing campaign on the platform.

As you are developing your marketing strategy, make sure to set some time aside to interview members of the audience you are trying to target. This helps you to understand how they use the platform in a better way, and it gives you sufficient information to help you create a confident strategy.

Before the launch, test different types of content delivery methods
Instagram used to be a platform for sharing photos, but they do not rule the roost anymore. Instead, we have a variety of methods to help you grow your audience, from Instagram stories to video and photo campaigns. This has led to the problem of not knowing the best approach immediately, so take some time to test different methods and see what works and what does not.

Many social media platforms have limited methods of sharing content, on the contrary. However, on Instagram, the most successful method for both individuals and companies is Instagram stories; and the proof lies in the method being in use by at least 250 million Instagrammers every day. There are also video posts (which have their own guidelines to succeed), as well as carousel content that proves to be a great method. There is also the Instagram live video, which is particularly useful when connecting to younger audiences on the platform.


Cross channel strategies have higher chances of success
A certain research study found that more than 70 percent of customers want to interact with the brands they follow through a multi-channel campaign. This is a clear sign that there needs to be more cross-platform integration in marketing campaigns to increase the chances of success.

For instance, you might consider incorporating emails, direct mail, display ads, as well as live events to promote the campaign, and this helps you to engage with your target audience in a better way.

Utilize hyper-target ads on Instagram
The advantage of Instagram ads lies in their convenience in helping you engage with the right people at the right time, however, their drawback is that they are expensive in the long term. For you to ensure you do not run unsustainable ad campaigns, you can consider using the many targeting tools available to advertisers on the platform, and use them to create hyper-target ads.

There most likely scenario is that they will be more expensive when using the basis of cost-per-impression or cost-per-click. However, the long term spending you do on them is actually lower than the general Instagram ads that target wide ranges of users, and they are more effective in their results.

When struggling, find content creators of all types and draw inspiration from them

Regardless of the content type you want to have, be it videos, stories, or live videos, you will definitely find lessons to learn from the best Instagrammers – even if they are not directly within your niche. When you want to get some inspiration, look to them – including major brands, well known photographers, famous influencers, and even videographers.


Use interesting Instagram captions and pair them with great content
Visual content is the Instagram king – that is in no doubt. However, you stand to gain more when your captions are interesting, and relevant to your campaigns, so use them well.


Final thoughts
The more you do Instagram campaigns, the more it will show in the results you get – but you need to set definite goals, interview your audience, and use interesting captions for your content.

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