Best Of Chocolate City: 11 Songs We’ll Never Forget

If we’re going to list the top record labels in Nigeria that have made a positive mark in the Nigerian and African music industry, Chocolate City definitely has to be in the mix. From their current boss MI who started the movement and put them on the map, to the new kids on the block, ‘Koker’ and ‘Dice Ailes’, who have been dropping urban music for the Alte kids, Chocolate City is here to stay and it seems the sky isn’t their limit anymore.

Let’s throwback to some of their classic and evergreen songs that are sure to make you feel nostalgic and would have you tapping your feet and singing along.

1. OLEKU – Brymo X Ice Prince

It’s safe to say this was the track that pivoted Ice Prince and Brymo into the limelight even though they’d been in the game for quite a while. When both the song and the video dropped, it took over the airwaves and everybody was addicted to it. While Brymo took the chorus Ice Prince took the verses and they both delivered. In ten years time when this song plays we’re all going to be filled with nostalgia and nod our heads while singing along.

2. NOBODY TEST ME – Iceprince X MI X Jesse Jags

The Choc city boys 1.0 used this track to show off their rapping prowess. While Ice Prince used his verse to brag, Mi used his to warn haters and Jesse Jags used his to mesmerize us. Another mad jam from the OG Choc boys, before Ice prince became the refined wine we currently know him as.

3. ABOKI – Ice Prince

Ice Prince went back to his roots on this track and dropped some Hausa bars on us. It’s safe to say he opened the door for indigenous Hausa rappers because after Aboki dropped some new Hausa cats started coming up. He took it a step further; did a remix of the song and even did another version of the song and called it VIP. This is another track we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

4. SAFE – MI

While most would say this is the song that made MI mainstream, the true music lovers would say it was MI’s crowd mentality. There’s no mainstream Nigerian song that has more puns than Mi’s safe, he succeeded in mixing the top choruses and verses from top Nigerian tracks and managed to sync them all into one mega jam that won the heart of all Nigerians and made him a household name.

5. WETIN DEY – Jesse Jags

This was one of Jesse’s songs when he was in his prime, it rocked the airwaves and most clubs played the life out of it. It was one of the songs that made Jesse Jags a household name because he sang in it even though we all knew him as a rapper.

6. PUMP IT UP – Jesse Jags

This track came out shortly after ‘Wetin Dey’. Both had the same vibe and the beats were somewhat similar but everyone loved it regardless. If you noticed the pattern, the biggest songs of Jesse Jags were the tracks he sang in and not the ones he rapped.

7. KOLE WERK – Koker

While some would say that ‘Do Something’ was Koker’s biggest track, everyone would concur that his most viral song was ‘Kole werk’ and it was so big that Olamide had to do a remix of it. Like the other biggest songs from choc city, we don’t see this song vanishing from our hearts and mouths anytime soon.

8. SHOW – Victoria Kimani

The Kenyan songstress who was raised in Nigeria and arguably the biggest female act in choc city also dropped an evergreen track before leaving the label. Her track ‘Show’ is very catchy and the video was shot in South Africa with a short video cameo from AKA.

9. OTEDOLA – Dices Ailes

The controversial song from the Choc city freshman seemed to be loved by most Nigerians because it praised popular Nigerian Billionaire and oil mogul ‘Femi Otedola’.

10. ARA – Brymo

This was Brymo’s biggest song before he had an issue with Choc City. Even though the chorus was ballad-like and in Yoruba, everyone ate it like hot puff puff and asked for more. In this track, Brymo shows us that his style of music is totally different from the norm with his fast tempo ballad style of singing.


Anyone who says they don’t like this song should have their Nigerian title removed. Even if you’re not a fan of both MI and Brymo you have to testify that this banger tends to make your adrenaline rush anytime it comes on.

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