Best Ideas For Spring and Summer Vacations In Europe!

Parc Georges Brassens

Spring is here and summer is right on its way! If you are planning to go on holiday this period, you must be one of the lucky ones. Spring is my favorite season because it has a good balance. Not too hot, but not cold either, and with a beautiful view as a bonus. If you need some ideas for your spring vacation, I will give you some! Recently, I have an opportunity to exchange information with my friends at INSIDR; they are a friendly start-up based in Paris who has an objective to help travelers get the best experience possible for their trip to Europe. So, if you’re planning a trip to Europe, INSIDR is the first place you should check out!

As I am a spring lover, I always look for some “spring special” in places where I am in spring. I stumbled upon this article about the best places in Paris to see cherry blossom. Can you imagine, taking a holiday to Paris with your significant other and enjoying a picnic under cherry blossoms there, life goals! They have a list of places, from places right in the heart of Paris like Le Petit Palais, to a big park a little bit outside of Paris in Sceaux. Either way, you can choose any place based on your preference. You will enjoy your time, granted!

Parc de Sceaux

You know what’s better than enjoying the flower blooms in Paris? Enjoying it while eating French sweets! Get one of the best croissants in Paris, as this is one of the things that is totally French, and you will get the best one here. Also, don’t forget this little sweet thing that is also totally French: macarons. There is no doubt that you can get the best macarons in France, so don’t miss to try this best macaron in Paris. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with just eating the macarons, you can also take a macaron class in Paris and try to make it yourself!


Chocolate and cheese are the other two things that I am crazy for, and coincidentally. Those are the two things that you can easily find in Paris. INSIDR has a list of the best chocolate in Paris. You can get a bar of exceptional chocolate that was made with close attention to the details. It will be a different experience for any chocolate lovers in the world. As a country with hundreds of types of cheeses (I’m not even kidding), you can just pop in a random fromagerie in town and try whatever picked your fancy. There were even some cheese and wine tasting in town!


If you got hungry for real food, you have an endless choice in Paris. You can get brunch to get a full French experience, and then get your next meal with one of the restaurants that offer you the best view of the Eiffel Tower. What could be can more beautiful than that? If you have a special diet, you can also find that easily in Paris, based on your requirements, be it vegan foods, gluten-free foods, or halal foods. If you want to get an authentic French experience like a local, you can try to go to the local markets in Paris which will offer you a totally different experience than any other things. Sometimes you can also find some varieties of street food in these markets.

Brunch In Paris

If you have a little extra free time in France, why not try to visit another region? You can try to check out Brittany, the region which is very famous for its crêpes. Of course, other than the crêpes, this region also has a lot of other delicious authentic foods. There are several medieval towns with a lot of treasures that you can see, like Dinan, Saint-Malo, and Cancale. And of course, you couldn’t miss visiting Mont Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel

You should visit the abbey on this little island and get a breathtaking view from up there. Driving will be the easiest and most flexible way to travel and exploring this region, but if you don’t feel like it, you also still have several choices of public transportation that you can use to travel in Brittany.


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