Green pepper, you know it, you eat it, in your salad, in that delicious fried rice, and whatever meal you choose to use it in. Due to its unique flavour, it is categorized as a vegetable rather than spice. However, green peppers not only make our foods savour, but they also come with a large number of benefits.

Here are a couple of benefits that come with eating green pepper.

Asthma is an uncommon health hazard, eating this helps cope with the symptoms of asthma, and also helps in reversing asthma naturally.

Colon cancer
Colon cancer is on the rise, nobody likes to be associated with the dreaded “C” word. However, a steady meal  which has green pepper in it helps to reduce the risks of colon cancer.

Want strong bones? It is known to high in calcium, as it aids in the maintance of oral health (saves your teeth and gum) and also helps to keep the bones and teeth strong.

Increases blood circulation
Blood circulation is essential to overall health, low blood circulation comes with untold health challenges. Eating green pepper helps to increase blood circulation in the body.

Slows down the aging process
One thing we are afraid of is the process of ageing, we run from it an put in effort to slow down this process, incorporate some green pepper into your food and watch the wonder that happen.

Might seem like it’s just an added colour to your food, or just gives fyour food a very savoury smell, but it goes beyond that. For a healthier lifestyle, incorporate green pepper into your meals.


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