The Benefits of Apple Music For Musicians/Song Lovers in Nigeria

“All the ways you love music. All in one place.”

The official quote from the company says it all when it comes to what Apple Music is all about. Since its inception and now boasts well over 15 million subscribers, Apple Music has survived and is still the go-to streaming service for music-lovers worldwide. But, as usual, We don’t expect you to take our word for it.

So we will tell you, with proof, the benefits of apple music and why you as a music lover/musician should get on the platform asap!

Pros and Cons of Apple Music

1. Price and Availability:

Imagine this economy where people are trying to save cost and money while still wanting to relax and vibe to our favourite songs. Instead of wasting MB searching on different music blogs trying to download songs, you can get it with a push of a button. And all it takes is a monthly subscription of N900 and gbam! You have access to millions and millions of songs from all your favourite artists (So you as a musician should put your music there to get heard).

2. Endless Music Catalogue With Easy Music Discovering:

There are well over 30 million songs in Apple Music’s catalogue. Which means you can find any song you want with the push of a button. And the sweet part is, it isn’t exclusive to just iPhone users as Android and Microsoft users can also get the app for free and enjoy unlimited songs.

3. Offline Listening:

Once you’ve subscribed to Apple music, you can download albums and songs for offline listening! So even though you have no internet, you can listen to your favs anywhere and at any time.

So let’s flip the coin here!!!!

The music industry is growing daily, with hundreds of thousands of songs being uploaded on Apple Music and millions of subscribers actively listening, buying and downloading the songs at any point in time. So imagine the benefits you as a musician will get by putting your songs on Apple Music.

Increased Revenue, increased fan base, increased popularity and the possibilities of getting your music heard in every country in the world are just the tip of the iceberg, a musician can get for putting his songs on Apple Music.

If you still think otherwise, see this case study of how much Wande Coal could have made from his Wanted Album.

That is where FreeMe Digital comes in; for those of you that don’t know, FreeMe Digital is the number one choice for musicians in Nigeria and Africa when it comes to distributing content on Apple Music and other platforms.

Put Freeme’s slogan “Get Heard, Get Bought and Get Paid” with Apple Music’s own “All the ways you love music. All in one place.” … and you get the perfect summary of the benefits you as a musician can get by distributing your songs on Apple Music with a company like FreeMe Digital.

Their packages are affordable, so you need not break the bank to start making money.

Click here to see their subscription plans and start selling your music with FreeMe Digital.

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