Beambo Taylor: The Light of the Female Rap Industry

She’s been called the Indigenous Cardi B of Nigeria but she likes to refer to herself as “The Taylor without a machine”. The new kid on the block, Beambo Taylor, in a sit down with spilled some delicious beans about herself, opened up about a few things some of her fans probably do not know about her.

The 22-year-old fast-rising superstar rapper, who supposedly only gets high on oxygen before performing, says she has no idea how she does it but pouring out flows in Yoruba comes really easy to her.

Although Beambo Taylor “Taylor ti o ni machine” has no sewing machine, she is known for sewing lyrics to enjoyable beats.

Who’s Beambo Taylor?

Beambo Taylor is a rapper, model, and an actress. I love fashion and communications.

Is your birth name Beambo?

Yes, my real name is Abimbola Adeniran Ajibola. The Taylor was adopted from my maternal grandpa, his name was Taylor.

Why is your “BEAMBO” spelt like it is?

Beam means light. So Beambo, like the light of the world. You know, I believe I am the light of the industry.

How has music been so far?

Music for me has been amazing, stress-free, thanks to God. I’m enjoying it and doing it with passion. I don’t know but things just come to me easy. Like, I am so happy.

I am Beambo ti o ni machine but don’t be disappointed if you hear i bought a machine” 

How did music start for you?

Music started for me in secondary school, I sang to other people’s song in front of the class, and sometime later, I started dropping freestyles on Instagram. Big shout out to Ola Dips, he re-posted one of my videos and that was the break.

What is with the “Taylor ti o ni machine” reference?

When you hear Taylor, the first thing that comes to mind is a fashion designer but I do not have a machine, the only thing I know how to sew is beats.

Don’t you think rapping in Yoruba limits your fan base?

Funny enough, yeah? Someone sent me a video of some people playing one of my songs in Owerri. Some people do not care about the words, they just want to feel the flow. I simply just want to build my career from my hood first.

Does rapping in Yoruba come to you easy or did you have to learn with time?

I’m a Yoruba girl which makes it easy but I just find it better to express myself in Yoruba. Like, I was raised with the language.

Do you target a specific audience?

I have more male fans than females. Although girls run out to dance with me when i perform because they are proud to see a female rapping. It makes me so happy.

Any major challenge being a female rapper?

Not really, just how the made artists look down on we upcoming artists. I don’t want to mention names but it is really discouraging.

Do you think female rappers in Nigeria are underrated?

Yes I do, we are very much underrated but we are hoping that will change soon.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to Olamide a lot, then 9ice, Reminisce, Tuface, MI and Sasha. Tiwa Savage sings but I’d love to work with her.

How do you intend to put a face to the name “Beambo Taylor”? Since the name alone is known for now?

I’m trying my best, learning from bigger artists, featuring other artists and trying to work really hard to put myself out there more.

Does your family support your career?

My mom was skeptical at first, she was scared I would start taking naked pictures and doing naked shoots but my dad spoke to her and she gave in. My brother though, he was the first person I told of my choice to do music, he was excited because he is a music lover and gave me complete support. So I have 100% support from my family.

I don’t sew clothes but I sew beats”

Have you ever been looked down on?

I have actually. I was once at a show and was bounced from the green room, I felt bad but a while later I was invited to perform at the club, the guy who bounced me was working there, he saw me perform and has been a true fan since then.

Is it just music for you?

I’d like be a presenter, go into acting and learn more on make-up. You know, do my own thing in different ways.

If not music, what would it be?

My name is “Taylor ti o ni machine” but I think I’ll get a machine… #laughs. I love fashion and would love to go into fashion. Have my own fashion line.

What would you want to say to your fans?

I’d like to say a big “I love you”. Thanks for supporting and I am very grateful. Just keep your fingers crossed and watch out for more.

What should your fans be expecting soonest?

Yeah!!!! Expect mad hits from me and features with big artists who you will know when the right time comes.


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